Chicken Breyani

Chicken Breyani

Pieces of chicken, wash and put in bowl, add salt to taste. Add breyani spices.
To this add curry powder 2T, ginger & garlic (dessertspoon of each)
Grate a tomato and add.
Add fresh thyme
Add dhanya
Add plain yoghurt (1 ½ mugs full)
Mix up nicely.
Colour must be nice.
Leave this in fridge for a while to marinade.

Prepare rice – parboil – must be hardish. Don’t overcook. (use 3 cups).
Parboil breyani dhall (black lentils) don’t boil too soft ½ cup.
Put aside.

Cut up huge onion or two smaller ones. Add ½ cup oil to a pot. Add 2 desertspoons butter/marg. Add onion and brown. Add cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, aniseeds. Brown. Remove from heat. Half of the fried onion & oil you throw into chicken bowl. The other half put in another bowl.

Take ½ of the parboiled black lentils. Throw into same pot that you did onions in. Add chicken onto that. Place some potatoes/boiled eggs around. Throw rest of lentils over and then rest of rice. Take cup of water and throw it over rice. The last thing you do is throw the last bit of oil and onion over top. Cover pot with foil. Put lid on. Put into preheated hot oven at 300 ˚C for 15 mins and then bring heat down to 200˚C. Leave it to steam for an 1 & 1/2 hours. If it is too watery then put the heat up to dry up a bit. Its done when there is no more water left and the spoon is a bit “oily”.


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