Conversation with Matthew this morning

Conversation with Matthew this morning

I have a medium-sized scar on my right shoulder where I broke my arm and the surgeon had to repair it with pins in 2005. Matthew loves to touch it and ask me what happened there, even though he knows the story by now. So I told him again, and decided to show him my scar where they removed my appendix. I told him the story of how they removed my appendix. He also knows that himself and Joshua were born via c-section.

After a few moments thought, Matthew says, “Mommy, I think the doctor is going to cut your tummy open again and take another baby out. I can see your tummy is growing bigger and bigger”. *shock*

Speechless is the only word I can think of! Why thank you my dear son, glad to know you’re keeping an eye on mommy’s weight gain. LOL


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