Matthew’s first week at school

Matthew’s first week at school

Matthew started Grade 00 on Monday, 12 January 2009. He is in the yellow group and oh so proud of himself. He was very excited on Monday morning and as soon as we got out the car at his school he shot up the steps and into the open door. I can’t remember ever seeing him so excited for school! Of course Joshua was running just as fast as Matthew was, being so keen to get into school. I’d love to send Joshua sometime soon as well to the same school. It’s a lovely school and Joshua is very keen.

When Matthew came home he told me all about his first day. He said he’s a big boy now and asked me, “Mommy when I’m finished at the yellow group do I go to the Grade R’s?”. So I replied that he was right. He’s so cute and is growing so fast. On Wednesday of his first week at school he came home with a Superstar Award. Of course I showered him with praise and am so proud of him. He’s going to be learning Letterland and Maths this year. It seems so soon for all of that, but I have full confidence that they know what they know what they’re doing.

So today is day 4 of the first week back at school and he has a few friends in his class that were his friends from last year too, namely Tristan W. and Cayden. Tristan being his fave, and I must admit T is a real sweetie. Matthew’s class teacher is Janine, and she seems very nice. Matthew will be starting his first swimming lesson of the year next Wednesday and I hope to sign Joshua up asap.

The only hurdle at school at the moment is Matthew’s soya allergy. The school serves soya meals on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursday. On Tuesday its soup and on Friday its fish fingers. So on the days that they serve soya I have to send sandwiches with Matthew to school. I’m thinking of starting to let him eat one soya meal a week at school and seeing how it goes. I’m not sure if I should do that though, feeling a bit unsure. I think I must just try and trust my gut instinct on this one.


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