Pregnancy Diary ~ Joshua

Pregnancy Diary ~ Joshua

Week 3 (27 February – 5 March 2006)

I awoke early Tuesday morning after having a very strange dream that Riaan and I were taking a pregnancy test and it came up positive. I fell asleep again and ended up dreaming it again. I awoke and remembered that I had a pregnancy test in my draw but disregarded it as just a dream and fell back asleep. I dreamt the dream a third time and this time I’d had enough. I got up and took the test and it came up positive. Wednesday I took another urine test to be sure and it also came up positive. We went to see our GP Dr Postma who congratulated us and said that we’re definitely pregnant. He also sent us for blood tests which were positive too. I phoned a new gynae, Dr Berios, and booked in an appointment to see him for a scan and checkup on 28 March. Looking forward to that. I told family and friends and colleagues as well as my bosses (eeek). Everyone is very happy for us. This will be an enjoyable pregnancy as its totally in God’s hands and its our last so we’re going to relish every moment. I’m already starting to plan everything, I like to be in control.

Week 4 (6 – 12 March)

This morning I cleaned house as normal and felt so ill afterwards that I thought I was going to faint. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet (silly move I know). I normally just jump in and get it over and done with… not a good idea! The whole morning I felt terrible! Riaan had to go get me some coke from the shop. I had sworn not to drink coke while pregnant but I really needed the sugar. Luckily I’m alright now and will have to eat more regularly to keep my energy levels out. We went “pram browsing” and the walking around really took it out of me. Where on earth has the monster shopper gone to?? I used to walk up and down a mall all day long – but that’s changed now! I went through Matthew’s baby clothes that I’d kept. There is quite a bit there but most of it is blue. Some of the clothes are also a bit yellow stained so I won’t be using those items. Otherwise there is a bit I can salvage out there. I have been suffering with nasal congestion and post-nasal drip. Its gotten so bad that I snore like a monster at night and am keeping Riaan awake.

Week 5 (13 – 19 March)

Riaan and I took Matthew to the Durban Motor Show and he LOVED it! He’s crazy about bikes and cars. We saw an ideal family vehicle for us. At the moment we have an Uno and it’s a tight squeeze. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a bigger family car in the near future. Only problem is, the ones we want are way out of our price range. Maybe we should settle for one of those 1960’s style VW combi’s with flowers painted on the sides! I’m starting to feel nausea in the mornings now… ugh! I must say I wasn’t missing that thrilling side to pregnancy. Nevertheless, at least it makes me feel pregnant. I wasn’t feeling very pregnant as I was always hungry. I’ve started to worry about being able to cope with a newborn and a toddler. Matthew doesn’t sleep right through the night yet and I struggle to get up for him, how am I going to do it with a newborn? The nausea is getting worse and worse… Marie biscuits and Energade are my two new best friends!.

Week 6 (20 – 26 March)

I’m having my first gynae appointment today and first scan too. Very excited as I’m seeing a new gynae this time. Dr Berios is very friendly and relaxed and welcoming to Riaan too, which I really appreciated as Riaan is just as much a part of this pregnancy as I am. When we saw our little baby on the scan Riaan and I both had to gulp back the tears. Riaan was clenching my hand so tightly, he was so happy and that in turn just made me thrilled. I loved seeing him like that, Riaan is a natural born father. Dr Berios also said that I’m only 7 weeks along which kinda disappointed me coz I had hoped that I was on track with my dates. He is taking his date from conception though. On the weekend I took Matthew to a moms and tots meeting at Under the Amarula and Matthew had a stunning time. Still having all-day nausea… its exactly the same as when I was pregnant with Matthew so I wonder if I’m having another boy this time…

Week 7 (27 March – 2 April)

Riaan and I are gearing up for the Robbie Williams concert in early April. I’m a bit concerned as I’m not sure what all that boogeying and loud music is going to do to our little baby. Hopefully not much. We won’t stay after Robbie has finished, we’ll leave straight at the end. Matthew is such a little angel, I think he’s going to be a stunning big brother. Riaan says its hard to think of Matthew as a “big” brother coz he’s the baby in our house. I’m always cuddling him and calling him my newborn. He’ll always be my newborn.

Week 8 (3 – 9 April)

Wow wow wow is all I can say. Robbie Williams rocked the house last night! He was absolutely amazing. What a well put together event. Everything ran so smoothly, it was such a pleasure and well worth the money spent. Robbie is a born entertainer. We had such a fantastic time. I kept getting migraines later on in the week and had to go in to see Dr Berios for a scan just to make sure everything was fine. Thank goodness it was. We went away for the long weekend to Albert Falls Dam and stayed in a little cottage/house overlooking the dam. It was beautiful! It was Riaan, Me, Matthew, Rudi, Jessica, Oupa Koos, Ouma Koeks, Manie and Brenda. We had a great time. Manie brought his speedboat along so we all went for rides on that. I went one too many times and had terrible pains in my tummy at one stage so I was officially “banned” from the boat. Everyone was just worrying about my safety. I must say that for someone with morning sickness I sure managed to eat quite a bit! It was great to get away a bit I must say. We all needed it. Must definitely make a plan to get away for a weekend just Riaan and myself.

Week 9 (10 – 16 April)

This week was rather uneventful. I must say this pregnancy seems to be going much quicker than Matthew’s one went. Matthew’s pregnancy just seemed to drag on and on and on! I’m enjoying Matthew more and more every day. He’s just such a clever little boy. We went and got the baby’s pram and car seat carrier this week. We got a Peg Perego. Its very pricey but its one of the only prams that fold up like an umbrella which suits us more as we’re short on space in the granny flat and in the car. Luckily though for us we’ll be buying our sister-in-law’s Fiat Palio Weekend, which is a station wagon so we’re going to work out just right. As for space in the granny flat… its going to be a tight squeeze but I think we’ll manage J

Week 10 (17 – 23 April)

We have been shopping shopping shopping like crazy to get all the new baby’s items so that we are set up in advance. I know its still early days but we’re basically getting as much as we can while we can. Matthew has started realizing that maybe I am talking the truth about a baby in my tummy. I caught him walking around holding his shirt up and pointing to his tummy saying “baba in tummy”. He’s absolutely gorgeous that child. We went for a scan at Dr Berios and he said that we need to come back in 10 days time to do the nuchal scan and the blood tests for down syndrome. So we’ll be back on 8 April again for that. These visits to Dr Berios are darn expensive!

Week 11 (24 – 30 April)

We got a camp cot this week plus a few other things for baby. The weather is really chilling up now in preparation for winter. Its going to be such a strange feeling being pregnant during the winter months. With Matthew I was pregnant during the summer months (August to April) and used to live in water just to cool down. I lived in my swimming costume too. Now I’m stocking up on tracksuits so that I can be warm and comfy. My hair seems to have stopped growing which is really frustrating as I’m trying to grow it. My skin is also drying out in some places but in the same breath its breaking out in other places! I also find that the only pants that fit me for work are my stretchy black pants of which I have 3 pairs. No other colours though. So I have had to shop (gee, darn!) for another pair of pants in a choc brown and a winter blouse too. We’re suffering in the cold weather! We’ve installed a heater in the lounge and now need one for the bedroom. I’m sure I’m colder because I’m pregnant! Hahaha J I’ve also developed an aversion to chicken. Just the mere thought of it has me almost running to the toilet to be sick. I haven’t really found anything that I’m really craving as such, not like when I was pregnant with Matthew. Riaan on the other hand is craving fudge and is eating it like its going out of fashion. He’s also developed an aversion to KFC now, which is one of his favourites, plus he’s getting nauseas during the day, just like me.

I had my nuchal scan on Monday. Dr Berios measured the spinal fluid in the baby’s neck and said that its in the right ratio so that was alright. Then he sent me for a list of blood tests which was painful! I’ve become a ninny now too. My back pain became so unbearable that I finally went to see my GP Dr Meltzer as Dr Berios says its unrelated to the pregnancy. Well Dr Meltzer said that it is caused from my first pregnancy as I carried such a heavy baby. He’s sending me to a Biokineticist to learn muscle strengthening. Apparently the muscles in my pelvis are weakened and I am also now not allowed to pick up or carry Matthew anymore as he weighs 16 kgs. Try explain that to a 2 year old! I do break the rules though, he’s my little baby still no matter what.

We bought an oregan pine chest of drawers that Riaan and I will use then we’ll use the pine chest of drawers that we used for Matthew as the changing table for the baby too. Convenient. Now all we need is a cot and a few more things then we’re “A” for Away! I’m leaving baby clothes shopping for the last as the only clothes on sale for babies at the moment is winter clothes and that won’t do for our little spring/summer baby! I’m dying to know what it is so that I can start thinking about decorating.

Week 12 (1 – 7 May)

This week was quiet eventful. I felt baby move for the first time! Much earlier than Matthew. I felt Matthew move at 15/16 weeks. This time at 13 weeks. It happens when I sneeze. Then I feel this flurry of excitement down below. I don’t feel any other movements yet, only most times when I sneeze. And every time I feel it I sit with a huge grin on my face and just telepathically send love down to my growing baby. I’m already realizing that I will in fact have enough love for two children. I used to wonder how on earth could I love any child as much as I love Matthew but I think it will actually be possible.

I saw the Biokineticist and he helped me with a few exercises. He said that my right hip is tilted far forward and that is what is causing the pain. He gave me exercises to do at home and recommended that I see him weekly for a few weeks to try help with the problem. He said that he can’t do too much though because I’m so far advanced in my pregnancy already. I felt instant relief when he moved my hip back in place. I’m convinced he really knows what he’s doing!

We bought a new cot this weekend, a larger size than with Matthew as we have such big babies so the baby can sleep in this cot for longer, unlike Matt who outgrew his cot so soon. We also bought a bath stand/changer contraption that I’ve been eyeing out for so long now. So all our big items are bought now and its just a few small things. I managed to find some pajamas for hospital. I’ll use the same gown I used for Matt so I’m quite organized It was mother’s day this week and I got spoilt by Rudi, Jess and my darling Matthew and of course my darling hubby Riaan. Riaan also took me for breakfast on Mother’s day, that I thoroughly enjoyed, it was nice just the two of us for a change.

Week 16 (29 May – 4 June)

We went to see Dr Berios to do a scan to see if we could see if you’re a boy or girl but you had your legs tightly closed and up against your body and we couldn’t see thing. We also found out that Dr Berios wants payment in cash upfront for the Caesar at your birth so we’re going to have to change gynaes. I was very upset about this but its for the best. I honestly thought that he’d forward the Caesar bill to the medical aid but alas not and we have to pay upfront.

We finally got our new car. It’s a station-wagon so now we can fit all our kiddies in. Of course you will have prime position in the front seat next to Daddy. But that’s one problem off our shoulders. Unfortunately it does present another problem of car payments for just over a year and plus added insurance now which we’ve also never had to pay for before. It’s a nice car with tinted windows, electric windows, power steering, air-conditioner and a cd/mp3 player. It’s a Fiat Palio Weekender 1.6EL. It’s a 2000 year model. Just so you know all the specs and can look it up one day and see what kind of car mom and dad used to drive J

Week 17 (5 – 11 June)

We are going to go back to the gynae Dr Alan Strang who delivered your brother Matthew. I’ve made an appointment for 12 July. That’s the soonest he can see us. We’ll be far along in the pregnancy then, about 22 weeks already. Hopefully you won’t be so shy and will show us who you are! We took Rudi, Jess and Matthew to see the model trains in Virginia. We all rode the train, even you inside my tummy! It was great fun. I absolutely love seeing Matthew have fun, it fills my heart with joy. I just know you will do the same.

Well, it turns out Dr Berios isn’t happy that we’re changing gynaes and he’s agreed to forward his bill for the Caesar operation to the medical aid and therefore we can still see him! Yay!

Week 18 (12 – 18 June)

This week we went for a check-up to GP Dr Postma because you have been so quiet and I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Once again you were hiding your gender from us but at least I could see your little heart beating and you were okay. I must admit though that you move much less than Matthew did at this stage. I miss it a bit but all babies are different and I’m going to love you for your individuality for sure.

Week 19 (19 – 25 June)

I had terrible sinusitis and bronchitis this week. It knocked me down for three days flat at home. It started on the Monday morning and I couldn’t get myself to work. Later that same day I got an sms from Ouma-Annatjie that she and Charl and Johan were on their way to visit us! What a wonderful surprise! I was feeling terrible though and wasn’t all that excited at first but I was still looking forward to seeing them as we hadn’t seen them in over a 1½ years. They stayed for just over a week. It was lovely seeing Charl again – he’s grown even more! He is wonderful with Matthew and Matthew just loves his Uncle Charl – so cute J I’m battling with the bronchitis and now Riaan’s getting it too. I just hope Matt doesn’t get it. Dr Meltzer gave me so much medicine to take and said its all safe to take, we can only hope though hey? Will have to tell the gynae next time I see him.

Week 20 (26 June – 2 July)

We took Charl and Matt down to the beachfront for the surfing competitions and Matthew played in the sand a bit. My boobs have been getting more sore and I’ve been getting stomach pains but its probably just the muscles stretching and preparing. We spoke to Phillipa of Dr Berios rooms and she has insisted we come in to see Dr Berios and discuss the final Caesar payment with him. She is convinced that he’ll be more than amenable to make a plan somehow. Well we’ll see, I made an appointment to see him Friday, 7 July. Work is very stressful and I’m really counting down until I go on maternity leave… although we’ll be suffering financially though (I’m not looking forward to that part). I’ve just got to remember that its not forever and that I’ll be returning to work. We set up the baby’s cot in our bedroom and laid down the cot set we got from Woolies. Matt loves playing with it all. Matt patted his tummy and said “Baba in Matthew tummy”. Awwwww J

Week 21 (3 – 9 July)

We are seeing Dr Berios at 4pm on Friday. It’s a big scan – anatomical scan. I’m not sure what that means but I’m sure Dr B will explain it all to us. We’re also taking the video so that he can record it. We’re hoping that we can see if baby is a boy or girl but of course it’ll probably hide itself. Matthew is such a little honey, I can’t stop looking at him and marveling at what a beautiful child he is. He’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Well we forgot the video in the car – we’re awful I know! Must be my “Pregnesia”! The scan went well and of course baby hid itself and we couldn’t see what it is. Dr Berios tried to see but the cord was in the way. Berios checked the brain lobes, the spine and the heart valves. We saw how the blood is pumping in and out the heart. It was very interesting. Matt and I packed the baby’s things into the chest of drawers in our bedroom this wknd. He loves playing with all the stuff. He even “tried” on the baby clothes and said that they fit him! He’s TOO gorgeous!! I had an early “nesting instinct” kick in. I was scrubbing our granny flat with a vengeance. Even Riaan joined in. I enjoyed it though, there’s nothing better than a clean house.

Week 22 (10 – 16 Jul)

I’m starting to feel tired at work these days. I thought that I would feel this lethargic only in the third trimester but its started already. I find its usually from about 3pm onwards in the afternoon that I feel like I need to lie down just to charge up a bit. Its Jessica’s 9th birthday this week. I’m going to bake her a pink butterfly cake. Lets hope I get it right. We all remember what happened when I tried to make milk tart when I was pregnant with Matthew… I used all the wrong ingredients and had to end up buying milk tarts instead!

Well the cake came out alright-ish… nothing I’d boast about too much. But everyone wolfed it down with much gusto. Jess was very happy with her birthday presents. On the weekend Riaan and I went and got more things for baby. Saw a stunning scooter that we want to get Matthew for Christmas. Its from 3 years up. He’s always trying to play with Jessica’s one but its too big for him.

Week 23 (17 – 23 Jul)

This week was even worse with regard to fatigue! How on earth am I going to manage in the 3rd trimester? Its really worrying me. Next time I see Berios he had better give me something! Its Riaan’s birthday this week and I wanted to spoil him so I bought him some Toblerone choccies, Hugo Boss Dark Blue cologne and a t-shirt from the kids. I also ordered him a big birthday cake with his name on. Riaan absolutely loved his presents. Matthew insisted we have a candle on Riaan’s cake so we had to sing to Daddy about 10 times!

We’re taking ALL the kids to see “Cars” at the movies on Saturday. Then we’ll be going to see Winnie The Pooh and the 100 acre wood which is also at the Pavilion and apparently you can play in the 100 acre wood – cute man! After that we’ve been invited to a braai at Michele Nel’s place which sounds like fun coz I haven’t seen her in ages.

Terrible news hit us. My stepdad Johan went for a biopsy of his prostrate and it came back positive. He has to go for an operation last week. When I spoke to him on the phone he cried and then I cried too. Its terrible… I’m really worried about him and my mom. I know him and I don’t have the best of relationships but he’s still my stepdad and I do love him. All we can do now is pray because its all in God’s hands.

Well the weekend was really wonderful. Matthew sat through the whole of the Cars movie! I was so impressed. He’s such a star. Other kids older than him were playing in the aisles and even Jessica was bored and restless. When it came time to see Winnie the Pooh Matt screamed and cried and didn’t want to be NEAR ‘ol Pooh Bear. Nevertheless I was determined to have a photograph so it was taken anyways. J My little sausage, he’s just too cute.

The braai at Michele’s place went very well. Matthew had a good time as did all of us. It was great seeing Kerri again.

Week 24 (24 – 30 Jul)

The weekend just seems to fly by. Back to work on Monday again. This week I really suffered with pains under my Caesar scar. Its not the actual scar itself but the muscles or something under it. Its so tender and gets so painful that I go hot and cold. I phoned Phillipa at Dr Berios’ rooms and she is convinced that it’s the ligaments stretching. Nevertheless I’m still worried about it. If it gets worse then I’m going in to see Berios. I don’t want to take a chance with this precious little life inside me – I love it already – boy or girl.

Week 25 (31 Jul – 6 Aug)

We saw Dr Berios this week and he says there’s a 65% chance we’re having a girl! Whoopeeee! I’m so happy. He said we can go out and buy ONE pink thing… so yours truly here goes out and buys FIVE pink things. I just couldn’t help myself! Matthew was throwing plenty tantrums this week… not sure what all that is about. Its very difficult though. I’m getting more and more uncomfortable with my body. When I lie down on the couch I battle to get back up coz the couch is old and sinks right in.

Week 26 (7 – 13 Aug)

This week wasn’t so great. Riaan had a car accident in our new car and its been very stressful for us. We’re worried about money etc. Oh well… what else is new? I’ve been so excited about my little baby “girl”. Matthew knows there’s a baba in mommy tummy and I can’t wait for him to meet this little baby J Well we took the car in for the assessment and the damage is around R 8,000. We have to pay R 1,700 for the excess. Rudi and Jess were with us for the weekend.

Week 27 (14 – 20 Aug)

Car was taken in and we’re now bumming lifts from Riaan’s parents again. Oh well one good thing is that baby is doing acrobatics in my tummy! Its been a stressful week but hopefully the Lord will help us through things. I took the Wednesday off so that I could look after Matthew. Margaret had to go into Albert Luthuli for her annual heart check-up. The results weren’t that great. She has to go back again on the 11th and 12th September so that they can do another angiogram etc. I don’t think I’ve got leave left to take on those days – not sure what I’m going to do. Rudi and Jess came on the weekend again. We got the awful news that Tracey and Bob are moving to Port Elizabeth in December this year and taking the kids with them. Riaan has been a wreck ever since hearing it. I’m rather confused about it all too but all I can do is be here for Riaan and offer him the support he needs. Matthew was getting a bit confused seeing Riaan cry but I think he’ll be okay.

Week 28 (21 – 27 Aug)

We’re finally getting our car back this week! Yay! It was Kiera’s 1st birthday this week so I sent well wishes to Ryan for her. She sounds like a real Daddy’s girl if you ask me. So cute. Geesh but the heartburn is definitely kicking in this week! I’m getting it every night and during the day now… gosh I didn’t miss that with Matthew. Another sign that we’re having a big baby with loads of hair.

I started getting these horrible pains down in my groin area. They wouldn’t ease up – started on the Wednesday and lasted all through the night and to the next day. I phoned Dr Berios and was told to come in for a check-up. I went in and saw Berios who did a scan and said that baby is engaging. I was very shocked. The head is low and moving low down into my pelvis and that’s why I’m so sore. He said he wants to see me every 2 weeks from now. It has definitely sent me into a spiral of emotions so this weekend we’re packing my hospital bag just to be ready in case of anything happening.

Cravings that are rife for a few weeks now are Paddle Pop ice cream lolly thingies and Jolly Jumbo ice lollies. I can’t get enough of them! Riaan is still craving chocolate and fudge.

Week 29 (28 Aug – 3 Sep)

The pains continued this week and it was very hard for me to walk around. Getting out of bed is very painful too, as is standing up from sitting down. Its quite frightening because sometimes it feels as though everything just wants to fall out. The whole week I looked forward to the 4D scan on the Friday. The week just seemed to drag and plus I’ve been getting so tired lately, it was very difficult.

Eventually Friday came and Riaan fetched me from work so that we could go see our little baby and hopefully see the gender. Well were we in for a surprise! WE’RE HAVING A BOY!! Clear as daylight for all to see on the scan there was a pair of naartjies with this cute little willy. We saw some stunning pics of the baby’s face as well. It was a stunning scan and we let the world know what we were having as soon as we were finished. The lady who did the scan estimated baby’s weight to be 1.8kgs, his foot to be 6.6cm long and his due date to be 2 or 3 weeks ahead of what we are now, which means baby is going to be big! Baby looks just like Matthew! Awwww my angels!!!

On Saturday I had a lovely baby shower with close family and friends. I got some lovely gifts and even some pink outfits. Luckily on the Sunday I could go exchange most of them for some lovely blue items. The baby shower was incredibly tiring and I went to bed early. Sunday was a much better day although the walking around at the shopping centre waiting for the shops to open was just extremely tiring for me. My Braxton Hicks contractions have been increasing, sometimes are a bit painful, feeling like period pains and my tummy gets tight.

Week 30 (4 – 10 Sep)

This week the battle with tiredness continued. Monday I struggled to get through the whole day, as was Tuesday. Wednesday was Riaan and my 3rd wedding anniversary which was lovely. Plus it was Secretary’s Day and my boss Krish bought me a stunning bouquet of flowers which also helped cheer me up.

Well our wedding anniversary turned our rather different than what we expected! Riaan and I were waiting for Matthew to fall asleep so that we could go out for dinner. Just when it looked like he was going to fall asleep I went to the loo and found some blood when I wiped. I called Riaan straight away, he must have heard the urgency in my voice coz he came running. I wiped twice more and showed him. He said he’ll take me to hospital. We raced there and went to the labour ward. There they monitored baby’s heartbeat and to see if I was getting any contractions. Eventually Dr Berios arrived and said that I had to stay overnight for observation.

I stayed overnight in the surgical ward and had periodical baby heartbeat monitoring. The next morning there was still a bit of spotting but nothing too serious and Berios sent me home with bedrest. The next day I was to see him and on the way there was in considerable pain in my right lung and chest and abdomen. He couldn’t explain it and said that I might have just slept funny.

Well by the afternoon I was in such excrutiating pain that I went to see my GP who diagnosed kidney infection. That night I started vomiting wildly and it continued so much that by Saturday evening I was dehydrated and in tremendous pain. Riaan took me to Parklands and I was admitted into the maternity ward and stayed for two nights. They gave me a drip to help rehydrate me and antibiotics for what seemed to be a lung infection.

Week 31 (11 – 17 Sep)

When I came home from hospital on the Monday I rested a lot but I was very weak as I couldn’t manage to eat. On the Tuesday I weighed myself and I’d lost 8.5kgs since I’d fallen pregnant! WOW! I felt terrible though. This past week had really been the low point in this pregnancy for me. I vowed that I would never fall pregnant again and feel so absolutely helpless, worrying about this tiny little life inside of me that I was battling to protect as I felt so terrible. I couldn’t spend time with Matthew, couldn’t even change his nappy. I’d go to the loo and by the time I got back I had to lie down and have another nap. I hated feeling this way.

By Wednesday I felt a little better but was still concerned as to how I was going to manage going to work the next day. I had to go though because each day I stayed at home was a deduction off my salary as I didn’t have any sick or annual leave left.

I went to work and really battled through the day. That night I cried to Riaan that I couldn’t see myself managing until 13 October to stay at work. I was utterly exhausted. Friday went a bit better though and I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The weekend was alright, Riaan and I managed to tidy up the flat nicely and then we went and did a little bit of baby shopping. We bought a digital forehead thermometer. There was no way we were going to battle along with a stupid little cheap thermometer like we did when Matthew was a baby. Geez did we battle! Poor Matt used to scream the room down while we waited for an eternity for this little thermometer to give us a reading.

I definitely got my appetite back and started eating up a storm again. I’m feeling very heavy and its hard to walk far distances or even just go shopping. I wobble around and its sore down there again where baby engaged. A friend from Babynet had her baby in Cape Town and I’m SO jealous I just can’t wait for my turn!

Week 32 (18 – 24 Sep)

Monday was another good day at work, I managed fairly well. Tuesday was another story. I was worried as baby wasn’t moving much at all. I was lucky if I’d felt 1 tiny little kick. I hadn’t felt baby move much since Sunday/Monday. I made an appointment to see Berios. I really felt like a worry wart. Anyway, along I went and of course there was little Mister Joshua sleeping quite contentedly. Berios scolded me for not drinking enough water/liquids and he advised that I am rather anaemic so he’s prescribed iron tabs for me.

He is of the opinion that little “JJ” here weighs 2,162 kgs and that he won’t be as big as Matthew was at birth. Wow! Now that’s something to ponder over. We have all been assuming that he’ll be bigger than Matthew and now I’m going to have a smaller baby. I’m very excited now and can’t wait to meet little JJ (Joshua Jayden / Jayden Joshua – who knows what his name will be!).

The week continued in a very tired state. I get home at night, cook, eat and sleep. I’m beginning to feel like a really bad mother to Matthew coz I don’t spend any constructive time with him. Have to make a plan to change that. Perhaps get home and play with him for an hour and then start supper? Will have to try it out. Poor little guy.

Matthew picked up sniffles and coughing from me and we took him to the doctor. He got meds and antibiotics but now he doesn’t want to eat and I can’t handle it when my little boy won’t eat!!!

My ankles look like tree stumps!! My whole foot swells up and it looks terrible… oh well, the joys of being pregnant. Riaan and I are chowing chocolate like crazy. I also can’t get enough of TAB. At least its not coke though, like when I was pregnant with Matthew, all I craved then was Vanilla Coke!

We had a lovely long weekend: Did some grocery shopping on the Saturday. Matthew of course picked all sorts of things off the shelves that Riaan and I had to try sneak back onto the shelves. On the Sunday we went on a midlands meander and took Matthew to the Duck & Deck which is stunning. He got to feed baby goats that were walking around by us and he fed all the other animals too. A huge pig tried to eat my clothes from off my body! We had lunch at the RJ’s in Kloof that has this stunning kids play area. Matthew had a ball! It was so divine to take him out and spend some quality time with him.

Week 33 (25 Sep – 1 Oct)

Monday was a public holiday so we took Matthew to the beach and it was SO windy. He hardly played in the sand and we had to move to the pool area where he played in the water. It was so hot that I even got a bit sun-burnt. He finally ate a bit. We’ve been battling with him to eat. And plus on top of that he’s been so naughty and cheeky its really stressful.

The rest of the week went pretty fast. Rudi and Jess came to us and on the weekend too. Matthew’s appetite returned with a vengeance! Thank goodness! The one day Margaret even sms-ed me at work to tell me that Matthew was eating her out of house and home! Hahahaha J

Unfortunately not all went well and on Friday afternoon Riaan pranged the car again. It stressed me out so much. Its not something we can handle financially right now so its going to have to stay that way until we can afford to have it repaired on our own. On a lighter note, some of the girls at work threw me a baby shower. It was lovely, there were eats and lovely gifts. Baby can come now, all is ready and waiting for him and our bags are packed too!

On Sunday morning at about 2am I awoke with this intense itching from head to toe. I scratched and scratched myself like crazy. I had to shower and cover myself with Johnsons Antiseptic powder to get it to calm down a bit. I had to wash my hair too coz my scalp was itching so much, I wonder if this is a pregnancy side effect? I never had it with Matthew.

Week 34 (2 – 8 Oct)

Work is hectically busy! I’m doing my own work plus work for another portfolio manager (Mark) plus work for two other portfolio managers as their secretaries aren’t in. Its very stressful. I’m seeing Dr Berios on Tuesday. Going to tell him about the itching and the sharp shooting pains in my groin.

Saw Dr Berios and he said that all the pains I’m feeling are the muscles and ligaments stretching. He did a “big” scan to check where the placenta is and to check the fluid around the baby. He also scanned to check the blood flow through the umbilical cord – we heard it pumping. We also of course heard baby’s heartbeat which is perfectly normal he said. He measured baby’s tummy to get an approximate of how much baby weighs at the moment and he says its about 2.5 kgs. Quite small still hey? So that means baby has put on roughly 300g since our last appointment 2 weeks ago. Not bad at all. All is on par with this little one it seems. It still baffles me that this little tyke is so small. I wonder how much he’ll put on in the next four weeks…

Dr Berios said that the next time I see him at my 36 week checkup that we’ll set the date for the Caesar. He said Riaan and I must choose a date… either 1st or 2nd November. We’re debating over it now – very exciting stuff! Riaan of course is anxious to choose a name for our little guy but I’m still not 100% sure about the names… maybe it’ll come to us when baby is born? Geez… the poor child has to live with this name for the rest of his life so we better choose a good one!

Week 35 (9 – 15 Oct)

This week I start training the new lady who is filling in my position for 4 months at work. It is my birthday on the 12th!! I am going to make 4 milk-tarts and take 2 big cakes to work to celebrate (we have a big staff). On the 13th is my last day at work and then my maternity leave starts. Yay! I’m looking forward to the time I’ll be able to spend with my gorgeous little Matthew. I’ll have to make sure I have a cake at home to eat coz Matthew won’t sing to me if there isn’t a cake and candles to blow out first – cheeky little fella. Have to bribe my own child to sing to me!

We this has been one hellova week! Mariaane started at work to learn my position. Luckily she’s a lovely person and very clued up so I’m pretty confident of her that she’ll do the job well. It has been so stressful at work, I’ve really been taking strain. This has been an incredibly pressurized week at work and I honestly don’t know how I’ve gotten through it because I’ve been getting horrible strange pains again and I even at one stage on the Wednesday night thought that I was in labour.

My birthday was lovely. When I woke up Matthew sang to me which was all I really wanted for my birthday, he’s too precious. I got spoilt by the girls at work and received some lovely gifts. I brought cake and milktart for the office to celebrate. I had a nice day, except for work though, that was hectic.

I was relieved to finally go on maternity leave on 13 October 2006. My boss, Krish, even gave me a beautiful gift for Joshua.

Week 36 (16 – 22 Oct)

I spent a lovely week relaxing with Matthew. I started “nesting” and got down on hands and knees to scrub the floors even! Matthew and I went to swim, play and ate ice-creams after shopping. It was bliss. On the Friday, exactly a week after I’d gone on maternity leave, I had my first show and started getting irregular contractions. We went to Parklands to have it monitored in the labour ward. I was told to stay overnight but preferred to stay at home with Matthew. My mind was on Matthew the whole time.

Week 37 (23 – 29 Oct)

Dr Berios phoned me on the Monday morning at 7:30am to tell me that he needed to see me asap! We went in and he told me that he needed to do the Caesar the next day (Tuesday) as he didn’t think Joshua wanted to stay in my tummy for much longer. So off we toddled home and phoned everyone like mad to tell them that Joshua would be arriving the next day. We were so excited (and in a bit of shock of course because he was only due on 1 November). That night Riaan painted a beautiful rainbow on my tummy and we spent the time chatting and being generally in a very excited mood.

Read Joshua’s birth story for more information J


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