Hey Hey It’s Friday!

Hey Hey It’s Friday!

I took a pic of the sky this morning in the car on the way to work at 6:30am. It looks so pretty that I had to capture it. I took it with my cell camera though so it’s not the best quality.

I’m really so Friday today! Yippeee! Tonight I’ll make us something easy for dinner then perhaps we’ll watch an old dvd we have at home, I know Matthew wants to watch the Ben 10 one again so it might be that. LOL!

If its nice weather this weekend we’ll take the boys down to the beach at low-tide to fish in the rock-pools, they love catching fish. We keep the little fish (they’re about 1cm to 2cm’s long) in a bucket with some sand and shells for the duration of our beach stay. When we leave we return them to the rockpools. Can’t have a Finding Nemo tragedy happening here thank you very much!

Joshua was sobbing when we left for work this morning, oh my heart. He loves going out in the car, such a little joller, just like his mom!

This morning I spent 5 minutes just hugging, kissing and breathing in Matthew and Joshua’s scent. My heart swells when I’m near them or think of them. I’m so proud of my children, every day they astound me.

Going to google some random stuffs now. Speak again soon. xxx

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