And this is my Hobo

And this is my Hobo

How could I not share my Hobo? Everyone, meet Hobo! Riaan bought Hobo for me 2 days after my Dad passed away in November 2001. Hobo filled a hole in my heart when it was really needed, and I’m so grateful to Riaan for doing that for me.
Hobo came to us as a puppy from Animal Action, who had found him and his siblings on a rubbish dump, of all places. 😦 Well, it took a while for Hobo to get used to us and not have the shakes all the time.
Hobo is now part of the family, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He’s a terribly affectionate soul, who loves being loved. And of course, his favourite game is for you to throw his tennis ball for him.
That’s Hobo, the cutest dawg out. Oh yes, and Riaan and I have often chatted about what accent Hobo would have if he could talk human speak. We settled on Mexican. :-p

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