Baker Baker

Baker Baker

Joshua absolutely loves Fridays! Why? Well… Matthew has Baker Baker at school on a Friday, which is when the class makes a little sweet design out of marie biscuits and sweets stuck on with icing. They get to bring it home for mom and dad. So what does Joshua do when he goes with to pick Matthew up on a Friday? Attack Baker Baker! Poor Matthew was in tears last Friday, as Joshua “ruined my baker baker that I wanted to give to mommy”. I therefore promised them that we’d do Baker Baker this weekend at home.

On Sunday afternoon I pulled out off the ingredients to make some “Suid-Afrikaanse Soetkoekies” (South African Sweet Cookies). And together we measured, kneaded and rolled out the dough. Then the fighting started. So I seperated the boys, gave them each some dough and a cookie cutter and sprinkles, and off we took. We made the most gorgeous little stars, hearts and little train engine cookies. The boys LOVED it! And of course, so did I. šŸ™‚ There is something really fulfilling about baking with my children. I can see that it feels the same way to them. It’s a bonding time for us, making something together and enjoying the end result. Seeing them watching the cookies bake in the oven, their eyes alight with excitment. I really love it.

The cookies cooled down quickly after they finished baking, and we sat outside and enjoyed them. The sun sets later here now so the boys get more outside time, so cookies and getting dirty in the sand was the ideal way to end the weekend for them. And for me too. šŸ™‚

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