I feel sick in my stomach

I feel sick in my stomach

My HOD does not think much of me at all for some reason. He loves to pull rank and make me feel stupid. Well, this morning I emailed in my song dedication to the DJ (let’s call him NP) on the local radio station that we love listening to here at work. So NP (the dj) phones me on my cellphone and asks me if I want to talk on radio, so I said YES! So we chat live and he allows me to dedicate the song I asked for and I dedicated it to my
colleagues O and K, as we’re always chatting about the radio station and the songs they play, it gets us through the day kwim? NP also happened to ask me where I work, so I told him.

After that I had staff members phoning me and clients even that had heard me and they were all so excited to have heard me. Anyways, that was around 11am this morning.

So about 5 minutes ago my HOD comes to me and the conversation went like this:-

HOD: So I heard you were on the radio?
Me: Yes
HOD: How did that happen?
Me: I sent in a song request and the DJ phoned me to ask me if I wanted to talk on air.
HOD: What everything did you talk about?
Me: He asked who the song was for and where do I work, so I told him I work for MPW…
HOD: Did you also tell him that you DON’T work there ANYMORE??!!

I’m really hurt. 😦 He is so mean. 😦 It’s as though he never wants us to be happy and have an enjoyable working environment.

After that he just walked off. I was really caught off guard.


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