Our weekend

Our weekend

We had a good weekend. Friday night I went to bed early, I was just too bushed for words. Saturday morning we got ready early as Matthew and Joshua were invited to a 5th birthday party – Ben 10 theme. It was lovely. The weather was nice and warm and there was a huge water slide for the boys to play on.

That afternoon we went to get a few groceries, then relaxed at home with an easy dinner as we were so bushed. We were supposed to go to BIL’s house but were too tired!

On Sunday we went to the shops in the morning to get some essentials. Then for lunch we were invited to Peter and Janine’s house for a roast and a swim. The food was absolutely delish! And the pool was gorgeous! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Matthew took his tube off though, threw it into the pool and jumped into the pool, without any swimming aids on!! Thank goodness Georgia caught him and pulled him up!! I wanted to kiss her!! I gave him a good talking to about that!

We went home just after 4pm and had dinner and the boys went to sleep at 6pm, leaving Riaan and I twiddling our thumbs. LOL! We’re so not used to the boys going to sleep so early. 🙂


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