Witnessed the aftermath of an accident last night

Witnessed the aftermath of an accident last night

We drove down the main road in our suburb and were just around the corner from our house when we saw police cars and fire trucks all around. There had been a tragic accident, however we’re not quite sure of what happened. It mainly revolved around a bakkie with no canopy on and in the back lay a man covered from head to toe by the foil that the police use to cover dead bodies. All down the bakkie was blood messed everywhere. So sad. 😦

About a half hour later when we drove up the other side of the road to take the boys out, all the same cars etc were still there, even the body on the back of the bakkie! *shock* I would have thought the mortuary van would have come to fetch him by now and spare the poor man some of his dignity. The wind had picked up and as we drove past the body in the bakkie, the wind took the foil up off him and we saw this poor man sitting there. He had this peaceful look on his face and he looked asleep. However most of the back part of his head was missing.

I can’t get the image out of my mind. I kept thinking… somewhere (possibly) is a wife and child/ren waiting for Daddy to come home. Or a mother waiting for her son to come home. And he’s not arriving, yet here he’s lying, gone. 😦

Just one minute you’re here, the next you’re gone… frightening… 😦


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