A weekend in our home

A weekend in our home

It is Friday. Tonight after work, Riaan will get his usual 2 beers and we’ll go home, make something light and easy for dinner and perhaps watch a dvd. I can never stay up late, even on a Friday night. I’m just so bushed from the week and the realization that it’s finally the end of the week, usually has me just collapsing from exhaustion. I’d like to try and tidy up a bit though. I usually do my big clean-up on a Saturday morning, however we’re pretty busy tomorrow morning so by doing some tonight, it’ll alleviate the burden tomorrow.

My older brother, Ryan, lives in Mozambique with his wife, Carla, son, Daniel, and daughter Kiera. Ryan often sends us dvds so we have a nice little collection to choose from when Matthew and Joshua are asleep.

On Saturday morning I’ll be up bright and early… well maybe not bright… but definitely early! Joshua loves his 5am morning wake-mommy-up-screaming-for-a-bottle sessions. I’m just getting back what I probably put my poor mother through all those years back. So I’ll stand up and give Joshie a bottle, which won’t be enough to satisfy him. I’ll have to go the whole hog: put on a dvd – usually Barney, Thomas, Noddy, Bob The Builder or Teletubbies, make him some toast with raspberry jam and cheese. By this time Matthew will have surfaced and be demanding the same – juice in a sippy cup (“so I can lie down and drink Mommy”), and the same toast concoction. I have no idea how they can eat this, I can’t mix jam and cheese, it’s just not for me thanks, but they love it so they can eat it with the greatest of pleasure! I’ll down a cup of coffee, can’t function without it.

After this, I’ll get comfy next to them, and try and catch a few winks, which hardly ever works out, because 5 minutes into my dozing session, Matthew and Joshua will start arguing over some toy, or Joshua will be standing in front of the TV, thereby blocking Matthew’s view and trust me, these two boys will SHRIEK to high heavens! I’ll settle them down, then return to my spot, just to start dozing again, when they’ll be hopping up and down because the dvd will have finished by now and both are arguing about what to watch next. Matthew usually complains that he wants to watch Barney on K-TV, which only starts at 7am, and it’ll be 6:30am and he can’t wait. I must say though, they really need some new dvds, the ones they have have been watched a million times and more.

At around 7:15am I make us all a bite to eat. On Saturday mornings it is toast with fried or boiled egg. The boys love this, especially boiled eggs. I peel and slice Joshua’s for him, and place it in his Barney plate with his buttered toast fingers and a high blob of tomato sauce. Hmmmm… tomato sauce… Matthew and Joshua’s vegetable, one and only vegetable. Oh yes, back to the boiled eggs, Matthew has his peeled and left whole. These are called dinosaur eggs, and they’ll also be joined on the plate with buttered toast fingers and an even bigger mound of tomato sauce. Halfway through breakfast, Matthew yells for “more maaahtoe sauce” and Joshua will join in the yelling session. Matthew will eat only the white of the “dinosaur eggs” and leave the yellow, which is “for mommy”.

After this feeding frenzy, Riaan will have surfaced, if not I poke him in the side until he does. I then start the clean-up, which when I get into it, I don’t get side-tracked easily. I hate to do it half and sit down and rest. If I sit down and rest halfway then I get lazy. So I’d rather just go go go and get it over and done with.

Saturday morning Matthew has a classmate’s birthday party to go to from 10am to 12pm. Riaan will be taking him there as it’s quite a drive. Joshie has his first swimming lesson at 10:30am, which we’re all very excited about, and I’ll be taking Joshie-poops to that. He loves water so I’m hoping he loves the swimming lesson just as much.

After the swimming Josh and I will go home and start lunch, usually sandwiches or rolls on a Saturday. Riaan and Matthew will arrive back from the party and we’ll all exchange stories about how the party and the swimming lessons went. After lunch, it is playtime and then nap time for Joshua.

When Joshua is napping, I’ll lie down a bit and read a magazine, or I’ll play or have a swim in our tiny pop up pool with Matthew if it’s nice and hot. Then late afternoon we’ll prepare for a little family braai. We love braaiing on a Saturday, it’s been our little routine ever since Riaan and I first moved in together, almost 8 years ago. After we’ve had a braai and eaten the yummy foods, the boys will have a bath and then we’ll all plonk ourselves down in front of the TV and wind things down. I love dressing my boys up in nice pajamas and brushing their hair after they’ve had a bath. They look *so* cute and neat. Their light pink skin looks like dusted marshmallow and I could just eat them up!! Matthew always falls asleep first, usually before 8pm. Joshua will run around for as long as he can and eventually we’ll get him down at around 8:30pm, sometimes just before 9pm on a bad night. LOL

The Sunday morning wake-up session will be a repeat of the Saturday one… exactly! Down to the T! We sometimes go somewhere in the morning, to the shops if we need a few grocery items, or if we’re have a few rands spare we’ll try take the kids on an outing – either to the animal farm, to a movie, or to the mini-zoo. Most times we’ll just go down to the beach and let the kids swim and play in the sand or rock-pools. Other times P and J will invite us to their house for a braai and/or swim.

Depending on how busy the morning is, I’ll either make a full lunch or dinner. It’s usually roast chicken, roast ‘tatoes, rice, gravy and whatever vegetables we have on hand ~ sweet glazed carrots, or sliced savoury carrots and onion, green beans with ‘tatoes, butternut or pumpkin. If we’re feeling rich, we’ll have creamed spinach and cauliflower with cheese sauce. Oh drool! I love eating this meal on a Sunday, it is such a wholesome and fulfilling meal. In the afternoon, if it is warm, Matthew and I will play around in the pop-up pool while Joshie has his nap, and when Joshie wakes then he’ll join in the fun. They thoroughly enjoy water. If it’s indoor weather, Matthew and I will watch dvds or do puzzles while Joshua sleeps. If I’m lucky I get a little doze in… those are my favourite. Nothing quite like an afternoon kip. 🙂

Sunday evenings are jam-packed for some reason. LOL! From 5pm I’ll be making toasted cheese, tomato and onion sandwiches, or something similar, or even have leftovers. At 5:30pm South African Idols starts and that I CANNOT miss! At 7pm it is Carte Blanche, usually very interesting, then at 8pm it’s the Sunday night movie on Mnet, which is usually very good. If it isn’t then we try the Sunday night 8pm movie on E-TV. Last Sunday it was 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl. I really enjoyed it.

So that’s it, a bit of the goings on in our weekends. It’s usually the same every weekend. I love spending the time with the boys. Quite a long read hey? Sjoe!


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