One of the worst nights of my life!

One of the worst nights of my life!

We were at a friend’s house eating dinner on their outside patio. Matthew was watching tv in their lounge and Joshua ran in there to see him.

He had barely left the table, when we heard a huge CRASH!! I immediately thought that he’d gone through their glass coffee table. I frikkin FLEW in there. Everyone ran too. Inside, there was glass everywhere and Josh was walking through it with blood running down his face.

I ran through the glass and picked him up and and screamed for something to put pressure on the gash on the left side of his temple. He was almost covered in blood by now. Riaan’s BF has an Audi A3 so him and I bundled Josh into the car and frikkin flew to the medical centre, which was luckily close by. I was shaking like a leaf and in between talking to the doctor and nurse, cried and panicked and flip man it was absolutely horrendous.

We laid Joshua on a bed and the nurse came to check out all the wounds and clean Joshua up. I helped clean up his feet and we saw a gash under his foot that was quite big but not big enough to warrant stitches, it bled quite alot though. By this time I was covered in blood, it was all over my denim 3/4 pants, down my legs, on my shirt. My poor baby… he was SO brave people. He didn’t cry at all!! Only when the glass first struck him.

True’s nuts, MIL walks in… with this *look* on her face that says a thousand words. Riaan phoned her without me even knowing.

So the doctor comes in to give the local anaesthetic into his temple. Joshua cried so much. The needle and syringe were huge and the doctor butchered him with it. I wanted to fucking kill him. I knew he was only doing his job, but still man!!

I just have to mention, that in between this, Matthew refused to enter the room as he was petrified. I had to run outside and keep comforting him (we took turns) as he kept saying “my baby brother is going to die”. He was so traumatised.

We amused Joshua and cheered him up while the anaesthetic took effect, then the doc came back to do the stitches. He put in 3 stitches and it was still gaping… so he walks off and the nurse starts shaving a bit of Joshie’s hair to do the dressing and he nicks as stitch loose with the razor. The doc comes in to look and we show him, I’m still in a state.. and he has to put in 3 more stitches. Bear in mind, Joshua has to be restrained by 2 people while the stitches are being put in as he can feel it – not the pain but he can feel something is going on in his head. MIL took Matthew home then, armed with a sucker in each hand.

Eventually it was finished, and Riaan and I went outside to get into the car, which wouldn’t start. There was no-one to help us push so we had to stick our feet out and push like the flucking Flinstones.

Anyhoo, we got home and I gave Joshua some Stilpayne and he eventually went to sleep. Matthew was asleep by the time we got home. You would swear nothing happened to Josh, he’s carrying on as normal, no whining no nothing. He’s an absolute STAR!!!

Here’s a pic of Joshua’s stitches.


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