Sunday Family Outing

Sunday Family Outing

Yesterday morning we woke up and decided to take the boys out somewhere nice. Money is really tight, so it had to be somewhere cheap. LOL! I baked some bran muffins and custard biscuits, and the boys decorated the bran muffins with dinosaur sprinkles. They were then named “Dinosaur Chocolate Mud Muffins”. 🙂

Regarding the outing, we decided on either feeding the ducks at the Botanic Gardens, or Mitchell Park, where it costs around R7 for us all to get in… pretty do-able.

Then the thunder and rain started, oh glory. Matthew was not impressed as by now he was quite excited about our outing. Nevertheless, I was determined that we were going OUT! I packed up hot dogs, pasta salad left over from the braai the night before, the Dino Muffins, and a packet of Simba Ghost Pops, juice for the boys and Tab for us.

And the rain stopped.. YAY!! We all piled into the car, complete with the boys’ little black bikes, and off we went.

On the way to “wherever” Riaan mentioned the Maritime Museum at the harbour, so we trekked off there. That outing cost us R6. Thats all! Hey if you want to come to Durban on a budget, I’m the person to speak to! LOL! The boys looked at the boats and Joshie and I walked through inside the boats, Matthew was freaked and didn’t want to go into the boats. Then we looked at the little museum cottage with memorabilia of old shipping days. Very interesting.

It started drizzling lightly with rain, so we went back to the car, piled inside and parked on the edge of the harbour to watch the ships coming in and out. We munched our hotdogs, pasta salad, followed with chips and muffins. The harbour was quite busy and tugboats were zooming around all over ferrying huge container ships in. Joshua giggled so much at the way the tugboats would turn around. Everytime he stuck a ghost pop chip in his mouth he’d hold it up and would say “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. LOL! The chip looks just like a Mickey Mouse head. Hehe 🙂

After the tummies were full up and the juice was drank, we packed up and strapped the kids into their seats, and off we rode to North Beach for a walk on the promenade. The drizzling had ceased again, yay!

We got to North Beach and took the boys’ bikes out and they rode along the promenade all the way up to the Ampitheatre Fleamarket. There are plenty locals along the beach that make 3D images out of sand and water and they’re so amazing. There are sharks, hippos, the big 5, and much more. It’s fascinating to watch.

We got to the beach cafe where dh and I had a little rest, and the boys played in the beach sand and on the plastic kiddies beach slides etc. They had such fun and didn’t want to leave. Eventually we had to as it was nap time for Joshua. We walked back to the car while the boys rode their bikes, bundled into the car, and took a loooong scenic drive back home.

What a lovely outing. The boys had a blast! 🙂


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