*pulls hair out head*

*pulls hair out head*

I have never been this unsettled and indecisive about one of my boys’ birthday parties before. 😦 I plan their parties MONTHS in advance, always have a set theme to work around and a definate venue.

Not this time however. 😦 Matthew wants 2 parties – a Ben 10 party and a Dinosaur party. Hmm so obviously I explained to him that he can only have one and he must chose. And I’ve already bought the Ben 10 party goodies.

So this is my plan for now… A Ben 10/Dino party. Huh? Lol! Now I can’t decide whether we should have a Ben 10 or a Dino invite. I’ll make Ben 10 cupcakes and a Dinosaur cake… howz that?

The venue… should we have it at home and have a snake show (being reptilian themed and all that), or should we have it at the venue we had his party last year which has lots of things for the kids to play on and plus we don’t have to clean up there afterwards… hehehehe



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