My darling Joshua…

My darling Joshua…

… stuck a wooden ice-cream stick up my left nostril yesterday in the swimming pool. I dived towards him and he swam towards me and shoved the stick right up my nostril. It hurt a bit and I didn’t think anything of it until Riaan yelled “OMG!”. Then I saw all the blood running out, well actually pumping out my nose. Sjoe!

The blood was pooling in my hand and Riaan brought me a towel. An American passerby told me to pinch my nose so I did, and that seemed to help alot. I went to the Necare paramedic nearby. Wow was he helpful.. not!

He lay on the couch with his dark glasses on and barked orders at me what to do. I told him I wanted to blow my nose and I did and this HUGE blood clot came out. This is the only time I felt a bit woozy, then I blew again and another HUGE clot came out. I felt a bit better now and went back to where everyone else was swimming. The blood eventually stopped flowing. What a fright!!


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