Sharing a bit of my past

Sharing a bit of my past

I feel like sharing a bit of myself and how I feel this afternoon.

I was born in Durban on 12 October 1977, the second child to my mom and dad. They named me Karin Emilee and I was around 10 pounds. (just like how my brothers turned out). My parents divorced when I was almost 3 years old and my brother. I remember snippets of those early years, but not all that much. I just remember battling financially.

I went to three different junior primary schools, one senior primary school and one high school. My mom tried extremely hard to give my brother and I the basics and I just cannot applaud her enough. We went through some really trying times. Digging into memories of the past, there are so many – good and mediocre and bad.

When I was 11 years old my mom had a little baby boy with her then fiancé. His name is Charl and he is now my 19 year old “baby brother”. *chuckles* I had a huge motherly instinct emerge when Charl arrived in our lives. But when he hit the bratty stages that of course flew out the window and irritated big sister mode moved in. Hehe 🙂

My older brother, Ryan, and I were also very close. We have a 5 year age gap, but we get along really well and have a lot in common. Can you believe we used to go out clubbing together? We even shared a lot of the same friends at one stage. I really enjoyed those days and miss them. They were carefree and so much fun and there’s something comforting about having your big brother around. Ryan has always been there for me.

I passed matric with an exemption, and two B’s. I was really proud of myself considering I’d learnt the night before on most of them. Hehe 🙂 I wanted to go to university or overseas to travel, but there was no money. So my mom took a loan through her work and off I went to do a 2½ month Girl Friday Diploma just so that I could learn how to type and get a job. Well it worked, almost a year later I got my first job as a receptionist, and I’ve worked my way up from there to now, where I am a Personal Assistant.

I met my husband online in an IRC ZAnet chatroom in May or June of 2000. We started off chatting about music etc and just sharing a bit of our lives and things developed from there.

My Dad passed away in November 2001 and it really left Ryan and I in shock. In December 2001 Riaan proposed to me on top of the Knysna heads and of course I said yes. 🙂 We didn’t have much money but saved a bit each month and with a bit of help from family, got married on 6 September 2003. It was on honeymoon that we found out I was pregnant with Matthew. 2½ years later I gave birth to Joshua. Some very very special moments in my life that are unforgettable and so emotional that I tear up thinking of them.


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