I need to babble… bear with me:)

I need to babble… bear with me:)

I’ve noticed such a change in myself over the past few weeks. It’s been quite a shock as I feel different, yet the same. It is so hard to try and put into words and I’m feeling a little silly trying to explain it. *blush* I feel as though I’ve rediscovered a part of myself that I thought was lost. It was simply just filed away and forgotten. I’ve rediscovered me, who I used to be around 10 years ago or so, and it feels so good. I’m grasping to hold onto it, so scared it slips away again. 😦 The thought of that brings me to tears. I have to say that I’m loving it, totally and immensely. It took a bit of a while at first to try and comprehend what was going on, but now I feel like I am making it fit into my life as it is now. It’s a bit difficult but I’m hoping and praying it works out.

I know who or what I have to thank for this, and I’ll be keeping that to myself for now as I feel a bit embarrassed sharing too intimate a detail on here. I think my husband must have noticed the change, I hope he likes it as much as I do. I hope it stays as I’m enjoying feeling this way – positive, good, confident, happy, younger, lighter. These are all good feelings. I’ve been feeling bad for way too many years now. I feel happy, happy with me and my life, as if I can accept things the way they are and just deal with it, instead of being depressed because I don’t have what the Jones’ have.

Wish me luck guys… xxx


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