A childhood-turned-adult obsession

A childhood-turned-adult obsession

star wars toysI don’t think I’ve ever really grown up, or perhaps I never will. There is a big, no wait, huge part of me that loves playing in the sand, singing and dancing around and collecting toys.

In my early twenties I collected a whole wad of Star Wars toys, from the death star to the ships and figures of Queen Amidala, Watto, C2P0, Darth Vada, Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan, you name it.

The big mistake though was giving them to my little boys to play with once I’d had children. They were far too young to understand and appreciate them and as such I can’t find most of the toys now. I will keep looking though…

I just want to share a pic of some of the toys I’ve now brought to work and put up on my monitor so that they’re in a safe place and I can appreciate them more.


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