Field trip… the museum!

Field trip… the museum!

On Saturday the boys and I took a trip to the museum in central Durban. It is situated right next to the City Hall. Matthew was really keen to see the big T-Rex, however the last time he saw it he was half in tears as he didn’t want to go near it.

All the animals are plastic or stuffed dead animals, but Matthew still gets creeped out by them. Joshua is fearless, he sat on the crocodile while I stuck my head in the crocodile’s mouth for a photo. Yeh yeh I know I do odd things. Always have, always will. ;-p

I took a few pics but they didn’t come out so great. I managed to get Matthew to actually touch the T-Rex this time, which he did very quickly and then ran back to stand far away from it.

We also went to have a look at the art gallery upstairs and saw some stunning South African art. It was a great outing, which the boys and I thoroughly enjoyed. 🙂


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