Crack the Shutters Open Wide

Crack the Shutters Open Wide

And that’s what I’m going to do now. Open the shutters, let the light in and let some of the darkness out.

I have alot inside that needs to be said, and I’m not quite sure that this is the place to say it, reason being is that it’s in relation to a particular person and if they read it then I doubt they’d be happy. It’s not derogatory feelings or bad things that I’d say against them. It’s just an outpouring of grief from my heart that needs to be let out somewhere, somehow.

I feel as though a door in my heart has closed, and another has opened. But the door that has opened is hanging over and open cliff. I have to take that door out but where to? If I step out and drop down, where do I fall? Is there something there to catch me? All I know is that I have to take that step.

I’ll keep you updated on what’s below the cliff. 😉


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