You know you get songs…

You know you get songs…

that sort of describe phases in life that you’re going through? I have a few that remind me of this particular phase in my life that I’m plodding along through. The lyrics for Rob Thomas’ Her Diamonds is one particular song. I connect with what he is saying about her. Another is Release Me by Agnes, the lyrics and the happy dancy tune just really do it for me at the moment. There is also Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun which I feel such a connection with, I want to walk on a dream and walk into a dream and live my dream/s. Then finally Crack The Shutters by Snow Patrol speaks about something close to my heart. I know I’ve mentioned these songs already lately, they’re the most important to me at the moment. I do have a habit of listening to certain songs in particular over and over and anyone else would probably scream at me to STFU with them! lol but yeh that’s just me. 😉


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