Spring at the beach

Spring at the beach

Yesterday afternoon it was sunny and warm so we took Matthew and Joshua down to the beach to play in the sand. It’s still far too cold to swim, however that didn’t stop others from crowding into the surf and having a ball. There were tons of surfers, boogie-boarders, swimmers to watch. Apart from that, the sand was streaming with beachgoers playing soccer, cricket, picking up shells and just having a relaxing Sunday afternoon enjoying the weather.

We took along the Tonka truck, buckets and spades. When we got there, the boys dived into the sand and rolled down the dune to the bottom. They then made sand angels, it was really cute. I love the feel of the warm sand on my feet.

We sat down and watched the surfing in front of us, while the boys had a whale of a time playing in the sand.

I absolutely adore the beach, it’s relaxing and inspiring and generally just a happy warm place to be.


3 thoughts on “Spring at the beach

    1. lol yeh i like my water lukewarmish. i used to surf and boogie board at sunrise in the middle of winter. my body just refuses to do that anymore. x

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