A rock band in the making

A rock band in the making

If you know me, you know how much I adore music and dancing around and acting silly to it. Well, it’s obviously rubbed off on my boys somewhat. Take last night for instance. I was in the kitchen (we have an open plan cottage) making dinner. I turned the radio up super loud and we did our thang. Matt was playing air guitar, Josh was dancing around in circles getting mega dizzy, and I was on vocals using a Sweet Chilli Sauce bottle as my microphone. We had an absolute blast!!

Sometimes, if we’re not a rock band, then we dance in the kitchen as the floor is slick. Matt and Josh lie on their backs and do their own version of breakdance, while I stand in the middle of them and dance. They swirl around rolling around me… it’s hysterical!

I love these times, may they never ever end and may Matt and Josh always remember how much fun they can have out of life. Thanks for reading. xxx


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