Joshua turns 3 next month

Joshua turns 3 next month

The most edible little guy I know
The most edible little guy I know
And I have always had parties for my boys. Matthew has had 5 kickass parties now, and Joshua has had 2. This year, for Josh, seeing as he doesn’t go to school and have that many friends yet, I’m going to use the money I’d spend on a party, on spoiling just Joshua and Matthew for a whole day/weekend.

Joshua turns 3 on Saturday, 24 October 2009. I am going to take them both to the Pavilion Mall in Westville. We’re going to Build-A-Bear so they can each build their own bear from scratch. Then we’ll go to the games arcade for little rides and to play games. After that we’ll go to Spur for lunch so that Joshua can get sung to.

On the Sunday I’ll invite a friend or two over for a piece of birthday cake and to sing to Joshua. I think that’ll be a great idea and instead of spending money on sweets that just go to waste and exhorbitant costs for party entertainment, I’ll rather use the money on the boys themselves.


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