We’re getting visitors!

We’re getting visitors!

My stepkids, Rudi (15) and Jessica (12) arrive this weekend for a 2 week visit. We’re all very excited as we haven’t seen them in months. Rudi and Jess live in Uppington with their mom and stepdad. They are Riaan’s children from his first marriage.

Matthew and Joshua are uber excited of course, especially Matthew as he remembers alot about Rudi and Jessica, they were always very close. Joshua is going to adore them. Rudi and Jess are such stars with the little guys and in turn the little guys worship their older brother and sister.

We’re planning a few little outings such as the beach etc., but won’t be doing too much as I’m working throughout. I will take as many pics as I can and show you all. Here are two oldish pics in the meantime. One is of Jessica and I when Josh was still tiny. The other is at Matthew’s 2nd birthday party. Rudi is on the far left in the jumping castle, then Matthew, Jessica and their cousin Caylee.


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