A new job

A new job

After 3 months of not having a job, I finally got one! I started on 1 February as an Admin Clerk. The hours are longer and the money is far less than I was earning previously, but it’s a job and I really needed one.

So far all has been fine, I am learning plenty new things, however I have developed a harsh tummy bug and it’s really flattening me. Last night I got home from work, vomitted and passed out on the bed. And that was me for the night… not good! This morning I am eating Marie biscuits and drinking Powerade, hopefully it works. I hate feeling this way.

On the other hand, the boys seemed to have settled in well at school. Matthew is in Grade R and Joshua is in Grade 000 (blue group). They are both at the same school, which is the best school in our suburb. It costs a fortune to send them there but I’d rather know that my kids are happy and well cared for.

Well that’s enough babble for now, I’m going to see what all this paper is on my desk. xx


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