Want Want Must Have!

Want Want Must Have!

*insert heavy darth breathing here*
I saw the cutest bear at the Build-A-Bear Workshop the other day. It was in the window staring right at me… a Darth Vadar Build-A-Bear!

Now, I’ve always wanted my very own Build-A-Bear… a pretty pink one with tons of frills and tulle… just to rebel against the boy stuff I am constantly buying for my 2 boys. But then I laid my eyes on ‘ol Darth-boytjie here and I’m smitten.

I took Matthew and Joshua a while back to get their own Build-A-Bear’s done, we all had so much fun. Matthew decided on a Fireman bear and Joshua wanted a Safari bear. We had a good time building our bear and dressing it. The boys wanted undies and shoes for their bears too but I could see the dollar bills flying out the window already so I had to put my paw down somewhere. Oh and they each loaded a sound into their bears’ paw – a huge deep ROAWRRRR! They’re too adorable! (The bears and my boys that is).

I hope they have some heavy breathing sounds for my Darth bear…


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