Introducing… POOCASSO!

Introducing… POOCASSO!

I’m sure you can see where this is going already?!

We are in the process of toilet-training Joshua, however he is really digging his heels in and wants to poo in HIS own space in HIS own time. So we have to keep a close eye on him and watch for when he goes and hides behind a chair, peeking over the top at me. Then I know, his lordship is taking a dump and I have to run and whisk him off to the toilet.

If, however, we don’t spot him in time, he makes a poo in his underpants, sticks his hand in and starts mushing and squelching it around with his hands. He takes his poo hands out and starts painting… yes painting with poo… all over the walls, carpet, Thomas the Tank Engine train tracks – which Thomas then gets forced to ride on, etc. Thomas regularly trundles through shit tracks, and mom here regularly scrubs Thomas with his own designated poo/nail brush now. Something that mom here just doesn’t relish! Lightning McQueen has had his own fair share of driving through the man-made “mud” too.
My own little artist… my own little Picasso… Joshua… but instead of using paint to make art, he uses his own POO! Yes, pretty gross isn’t it? *gag*

Recently, Joshua, aka Poocasso, decided to poo-paint my television. He rubbed his poo into the speaker holes of the television and over the buttons. I was at work, so granny had to scrub the poo out the speaker holes of the television with the nail (now poo) brush. Granny was not impressed. All I can say is… Joshua is lucky he’s so darn cute, or else we’d be a lot more angrier with him a lot more of the time!

We have spoken to Joshua about this unsavoury form of art, and still try, however he is very stubborn and refuses to see our way. I am not quite sure when Poocasso will cease to be inspired by shit but I hope it is very damn soon! It’s not like he doesn’t have crayons!?!
If he doesn’t stop soon, I’m going to sell some of Poocasso’s “artwork” on E-bay… perhaps Joshua has found his niche already. I’ll keep you all posted. 😉


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