Joshie got admitted to hospital with broncho-pneumonia

Joshie got admitted to hospital with broncho-pneumonia

On the Sunday morning of 7 February 2010, Joshua awoke with his eyes glued shut and he was feeling really miserable. We gave him some medicine but by afternoon was coughing so much that we nebulised him at home by 5pm. By 7:30pm he was clearly having a lot of trouble breathing, so Riaan and I rushed Joshua to the hospital ER where they nebulised him again and checked his SATS. The ER doctor on duty was not happy with Joshua’s breathing, it was at 84% which is not good at all for a little child, let alone an adult.

Joshua was admitted to the paediatric ward straight away and put onto permanent oxygen to try get his O2 levels up. I stayed over with Joshua and it was a rough night. The next morning he was pale and was clearly irritated with the oxygen pipes that were attached to his face however I distracted him with toys and books. We moved him over to the bed by the window so that he could look out over the ocean and see the ships sailing past. He could also look down onto the carpark and see when family were coming to visit him.

Slowly his appetite came back and so did his colour and spark. By Wednesday we were allowed to take Joshua home, only because we have a nebulizer at home and can nebulise him ourselves, otherwise they would have kept him in hospital.

I’m thrilled that he recovered well, having been diagnosed with broncho-pneumonia. He has to see the paediatrician for a follow-up appointment as the paed wants to see if Joshua perhaps has asthma. Hopefully not, but if he has, then we’ll deal with it. It’s a very common condition and there are good meds out there. 🙂


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