Fun sunny Sunday

Fun sunny Sunday

We visited the Mitchell Park Zoo yesterday with the boys for a picnic. It was a gorgeously sticky hot day but we were determined to get out and have a fun family outing.

Inside Mitchell Park we saw different kids of birds, ducks, swans, monkeys, raccoons, tortoises, turtles, mongoose, flamingos, buck, fowls, peacocks and a wallaby.

Out in the gardens near the play area we picnicked on sandwiches, boiled eggs, salad, chips and juice. Yum yum were we hungry after all that walking. The boys were especially tired because they were riding their little black bikes up and down the zoo and park.

Matthew and Joshua had tremendous fun and were so excited. I, of course, was doused in sand as usual… not from the boys throwing sand on me, but from them being in the sand and giving me hugs and squishes in between their playing. I NEVER turn down a hug from Matthew and Joshua, no matter what they’re covered in. 😉


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