My little Twi-World

My little Twi-World

My favourite series of books are becoming such amazing movies. New Moon was released here in South Africa on dvd last week and I absolutely cannot wait to get my own 2-disc special edition copy this coming weekend. Yippee! I watched New Moon twice in the cinema when it was released last year. I get frogs in my tummy just thinking about it.

My good friend Amber (Twi-Whore Extraordinaire) has a stunning website for the Twi-Addict, Go along and check it out, it’s awesome. On it she has the following Eclipse trailers, I can’t stop watching them of course. 😉 Eclipse is due for release on 30 June 2010, a fantastic event it will be (yodaism yes).

I cannot say how many times I’ve read the entire saga, it’s just too many times to mention. I know that I will continue to read them silly until who knows when. The huge fan base of mom’s and older women who adore the Twi-Saga is growing and growing daily, so I don’t feel too odd. 😉 As Stephenie Meyer says, “It’s just so cool that I’m not the only 30+ mom and wife in love with fictional underage vampires and werewolves.”

I guess you either like it or you don’t. And those who like it, don’t just like it, they’re absolutely besotted and passionate about it. Like me. 😉

A proudly South African Twi-Whore. xoxox

She sells seashells at the seashore

She sells seashells at the seashore

Or rather, she shells sheashells at the seasore. Could never quite get that one 100% right. 😉 We took Matthew and Joshua to the beach on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautifully blue-skied hot summer’s day and low-tide, perfect for playing in the rock-pools.

We found lobster tails, crabs, fed anemones and tried to catch a few tiny fish. Matthew and Joshua swam in the little rock-pools that were deep enough to be a little swimming pool. The rocks were tricky to walk across as they’re covered in a slippery green mossy type thingie. Lol but yeh we had great fun.

As always, the beach is such a beautiful place to spend the day. The sounds of the ocean mingled with seagulls and the laughter of children brings a person down to the basics of what enjoying life is all about. 🙂

Yo! Tooth fairy? Get your ass over here!

Yo! Tooth fairy? Get your ass over here!

Matthew has a loose tooth! This is big, no wait, HUGE HUGE-A-MONGUS news in our house! First tooth loose on my first child, what a milestone indeed! Matthew will be 6 in April so I was waiting for a tooth to fall out sometime around 5 or 6 years. 🙂 He is so excited, keeps wiggling it with his finger. The tooth that is loose is his bottom middle right one… lol know what I’m talking about?

So last night we were discussing what exactly comes to fetch the tooth… I said the tooth fairy and that you put the tooth under your pillow when it has fallen out. Riaan says it’s the mouse that collects the tooth and that you have to put the tooth in a shoe. Matthew seems to agree with me though… what did you believe as a kid? I told Matthew that perhaps “Gary The Tooth Fairy” from the Mnet adverts on TV will come. That just cracked him up! I love making him laugh, it makes me laugh and then we all roll around laughing. 😀

This morning when Matthew woke up I checked his mouth and the tooth is still there (thank God he didn’t swallow the thing!) and wiggly. We both got a turn to “wiggle it, just a little bit”… the tooth I’m talking about. I reckon maybe this weekend it’ll fall out? That’s if Riaan doesn’t get all cartoonish and tie the tooth to the door handle with a piece of string and yank it out Matthew’s mouth!!

Happy birthday to my big brother!

Happy birthday to my big brother!

Big Boet himself!
Today my big brother, Ryan, turns 37 years young and I just want to wish him the bestest day and year ever because he deserves all the best and more that life has to offer!

“I’m wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday’s done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.”

Love you lots Ryan. xxxxxxx

It’s almost PARTY TIME again!!

It’s almost PARTY TIME again!!

My BEEEEG boy Matthew turns 6 this year! This is of course a huge event, for Matthew and for me. 🙂 Matthew is super excited about his birthday, he considers himself a “big boy” and can’t wait for his party. This year he has requested a Bakugan party, the latest rage of course.

I have to seriously cut costs this year so I’ll be throwing him a smallish party at the local Spur (family restaurant) with a few friends and getting him a Bakugan cake. I’ve already made some kickass Bakugan invites on the computer which I’m very proud of naturally *stupid proud grin* I’ll also make some cute Bakugan party packs for each child to take home. I reckon 10 kids is plensch!

I think anyone who knows me personally, knows how seriously I take this party thang. I have always thoroughly enjoyed organizing my kids’ parties, putting a lot of effort and time into making sure that we have a little theme going.

For Matthew, he had the following themes:-
1st birthday – Pooh Bear and Friends
2nd birthday – Barney
3rd birthday – Cars (Lightning McQueen)
4th birthday – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5th birthday – Ben 10 vs. Dinosaurs
6th birthday – Bakugan

Joshua has had the following themes:-
1st birthday – Heffalump
2nd birthday – Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends
3rd birthday – Barney.

Unfortunately though, Joshua didn’t have a party when he turned 3 years old. Our family was going through a very trying time so we just had a cake for him and sang to him at home. 😦 I feel very very bad about this and this year I am determined to give him a kickass party, come hell or high water! He is quite indecisive about the theme he wants, it looks as though it’s bordering Lightning McQueen or Thomas again. I can’t wait to plan his little party. There is still plenty of time to plan for it though as his birthday is only in October.

For now though, Matthew’s big day is coming up and I can’t wait to spoil him and make him King of the day. Yes, I get 101% pleasure and joy out of celebrating my boys’ birthdays, I plan months in advance and am as excited (if not more) as them. I’ll take plenty of pics of course and share them here with you all. 🙂

I am a kid, doubt I’ll ever grow up. 😉