Yo! Tooth fairy? Get your ass over here!

Yo! Tooth fairy? Get your ass over here!

Matthew has a loose tooth! This is big, no wait, HUGE HUGE-A-MONGUS news in our house! First tooth loose on my first child, what a milestone indeed! Matthew will be 6 in April so I was waiting for a tooth to fall out sometime around 5 or 6 years. 🙂 He is so excited, keeps wiggling it with his finger. The tooth that is loose is his bottom middle right one… lol know what I’m talking about?

So last night we were discussing what exactly comes to fetch the tooth… I said the tooth fairy and that you put the tooth under your pillow when it has fallen out. Riaan says it’s the mouse that collects the tooth and that you have to put the tooth in a shoe. Matthew seems to agree with me though… what did you believe as a kid? I told Matthew that perhaps “Gary The Tooth Fairy” from the Mnet adverts on TV will come. That just cracked him up! I love making him laugh, it makes me laugh and then we all roll around laughing. 😀

This morning when Matthew woke up I checked his mouth and the tooth is still there (thank God he didn’t swallow the thing!) and wiggly. We both got a turn to “wiggle it, just a little bit”… the tooth I’m talking about. I reckon maybe this weekend it’ll fall out? That’s if Riaan doesn’t get all cartoonish and tie the tooth to the door handle with a piece of string and yank it out Matthew’s mouth!!


2 thoughts on “Yo! Tooth fairy? Get your ass over here!

  1. make sure you get yourself a little bag to put the tooth in under the pillow (plenty available in bookshops attached to a book with a story about the tooth fairy). It makes it so much easier to find (for both you and your little one in the morning) and bonus is you get a lovely story to read about the tooth fairy!

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