My little Twi-World

My little Twi-World

My favourite series of books are becoming such amazing movies. New Moon was released here in South Africa on dvd last week and I absolutely cannot wait to get my own 2-disc special edition copy this coming weekend. Yippee! I watched New Moon twice in the cinema when it was released last year. I get frogs in my tummy just thinking about it.

My good friend Amber (Twi-Whore Extraordinaire) has a stunning website for the Twi-Addict, Go along and check it out, it’s awesome. On it she has the following Eclipse trailers, I can’t stop watching them of course. 😉 Eclipse is due for release on 30 June 2010, a fantastic event it will be (yodaism yes).

I cannot say how many times I’ve read the entire saga, it’s just too many times to mention. I know that I will continue to read them silly until who knows when. The huge fan base of mom’s and older women who adore the Twi-Saga is growing and growing daily, so I don’t feel too odd. 😉 As Stephenie Meyer says, “It’s just so cool that I’m not the only 30+ mom and wife in love with fictional underage vampires and werewolves.”

I guess you either like it or you don’t. And those who like it, don’t just like it, they’re absolutely besotted and passionate about it. Like me. 😉

A proudly South African Twi-Whore. xoxox


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