There and back again…

There and back again…

It’s been a long time… and I deeply wish that I had more pc access to blog more as there is so much that goes on and has happened.

In a nutshell, I can’t find a job here in Ladismith. I have decided to go back to Durban and find a job there, in order to get independant for my boys and I. So in 2 weeks we leave, per bus… which is an adventure entirely on it’s own!

As much as I’m keen to see Durban and my friends and family again… Ladismith has a piece of my heart which will be here forever. It is here in Ladismith that I found myself once again, parts of me that had been buried. Here in Ladismith I healed and found my strength and my purpose and my will to keep going in life. I also found that I wanted to give life the best shot I could.

This beautiful little town is little, that’s for sure, but as I walked twice daily through it I came to know the people and the scenery. Where in Durban can you take a stroll towards snowy mountains in clean fresh air?

I shall miss you Ladismith, and I hope to come visit again soon. A piece of my heart lies here. *mwah* xxx