Too much information?

Too much information?

Joshua, my 4 year old little “weapon of mass destruction” whom I absolutely adore immensely, has taken a keen interest in human reproduction, or rather, the birth process of a human baby.

My boys recently found a pregnancy book by Dr Miriam Stoppard in my room and have thoroughly enjoyed paging through it and asking me non-stop (and sadly, in-depth) questions about each… erm… picture. So, going through this “birds and bees scenario” for the first time I decided to just wing it and tell them the truth, well up to a certain limit of course. 😉

I had two caesarian sections for my births and delightfully showed both boys the scar under my tummy to show them where they came from. 😀 Imagine my dismay and utter horror to hear that Joshua is telling all and sundry that he came out his mommy’s bum, FEET FIRST!

So last night I sat them both down and showed them the caesar scars again and explained again where they come from. Dr Joshua Botha (Gynae-in-the-making) argued and will not hear of this nonsense. I can’t believe how stubborn a 4 year old can be.

Well, after arguing for a few minutes, I decided to let it ride. So if my son wants to share his gynaecological expertise with you, please shove some food into his mouth, quickly!



Remember me? ;-p Yes, it’s been a while. I haven’t had decent computer access for a few months and my life has change drastically over the past year. Much to say, however can’t say it all as it’s extremely personal. Here’s a bit of news though… 😉

Short and sweetly, I am now separated and have just found a job this month after being unemployed for a few months. I am extremely greatful for my job and thank my friend TG profusely for helping as my job hunting was getting nowhere fast. The unemployment rate in South Africa is shocking and I my heart goes out to all those South Africans or worldwide people that are battling to find a job.

Joshua turned 4 years old in October and to celebrate the event we threw him a tiny party that he absolutely loved! Even Matthew had a blast.

In October we attended Matthew’s Grade 1 Orientation Day at the school that he’ll be attending in 2011. It was so much fun for Matthew, he’s so happy and can’t wait to start. I just know there will be plenty tears from my side when he starts school in January 2011. My hearts are growing so quickly. “When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change, because you’re amazing just the way are”.

This month, our office is having a Christmas party which is going to be absolutely divine. Something for me to look forward to. Plus Christmas is coming up… my favourite time of year. I will keep in touch as much as I can, thanks for reading my blog. xxx