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Monkey goes to school!

Monkey goes to school!

My monkey-boy, Matthew, started Grade 1 on Wednesday, 19 January 2011. What a huge momentous occasion! Well, I was uber excited and Matthew was jumping around like crazy. So yeah, huge celebration.

I got Matthew ready for school on the morning and then him and Joshua took out Matthew’s baby photo album and paged through it. Certainly not what I needed when I was already on the verge of sobbing, but I put on my “big girl panties” and sucked it up, took the boys outside and made them pose for pictures.

Monkey & Teddy Bear

I know I’m extremely biased, and every parent is, but heck I’ve got gorgeous kids! *puffy heart*

At school, Matthew walked in proudly (and me too *blush*) and we found his classroom, seated him and I proceeded to get more snap happy. Yeah yeah… don’t say it. 😉

This is where I proceed to get soppy… so stop reading now if you’re not in the mood for it. lol 😀

Over 6 years ago, I gave birth to this huge baby of 4.13kgs who was all scrunched up and chubby. He was ill so they had to squeeeeeze him into this poor incubator. Shame poor kid was all squashed up, too cute. 😀 I fell in love, the most intense love ever. And I did it again just over 4 years ago with Joshua, except he didn’t need to go into an incubator and only weighed 3.77kgs. 😉

Some people think kids are too much money and too much time… but thank goodness not everyone thinks/feels that way or else we’d be a pretty bare planet. My boys are huge shining stars in my life. They keep me going, they guide me to the light and happiness, and I’ll never run out of hugs and kisses. They look up to me, cuddle up to me and think I’m wonderful. They keep me grounded and keep me young. With them I can jump on my bed and belt out silly songs, blow tummy raspberries and fall around laughing, lie in the pool and have them clamber over me for hugs, lie in bed reading silly rhymes by Dr Seuss, and I get to watch all the kids movies! I’m the luckiest person for having them and I hope they read this one day and know just how much I love them.

Toons for my moods

Toons for my moods

I’m such a music lover and I’ve been listening to yet more sorts lately. I find that it all revolves around what’s happening in my life and my moods.

Lately my play list consists of AC/DC, U2, Armin van Buuren/Oceanlab, Tiesto, Medina, The Fray, The Cult, Kings of Leon and some others. It has changed from a few weeks ago where it consisted mainly of Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Sugababes, Keri Hilson amongst others.

So the trend here is that it’s gone from happy mainstream pop to more serious music. Well, that’s the best way I can describe it. I can’t always seem to put what I want to say into words… it’s very frustrating. 😉 I have no idea why my playlist has changed so much… actually no I do know. haha 😉

This is a mindless blog entry… but it’s my blog and I can cry if I want to! But I’m not crying, just talking shite… an avid hobby of mine. 😉

Oh yes… I also find that my music preference differs to what I am doing. Like for instance, tomorrow morning when I clean my flat, I’ll be blaring happy dance/pop music to give me energy. Then I’ll wind down later with some Snow Patrol. If I go walking, then it’s rock or dance music, stuff that makes me want to move.

Yeh, I know I babble… you should hear me in real life… *rolls eyes*