A glowing heart… sometimes heavy

A glowing heart… sometimes heavy

We all have issues and people my age and older have a past. We can’t get away from it, it happened. We accept it as best we can and move on, look forward to the future with hope and possibility in our hearts. Well, I do in any case. Sometimes though, I feel that because I’ve had quite a hectic past that I get judged on this … as if people like who I am, but don’t want to have to deal with my “baggage”.

I don’t carry my “baggage” on my back for all to see. I’ve dealt with it and it’s filed away. I am honest though and am not scared to share my life experiences. And I certainly don’t expect anyone else to deal with it. My issues and problems are mine. Be there for me to share with and just talk, but I’d never expect my friends to have to carry my past for me.

I do feel very blessed that I have good friends and a supportive family who have helped me through a lot. Many times I was man-down emotionally and I’ve come through this really well I believe. Which is why I say, we all have a past and a heavy heart to carry at times, but it doesn’t mean that the heavy part of our heart has clouded over the majority of the glowing part of our heart. The glow will prevail! Just give it a chance. 😉

And believe. I believe and I give everyone I meet and know a fair chance. Even if they’ve had chances before. I forgive, even though I don’t forget, because I have a soft heart. Soft and squishy like marshmallow, and just as much fun! ❤


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