Live concerts

Live concerts

There’s something so great about seeing music artists live in concert, especially ones whose music you’re into of course. 😉

Bands/artists I’ve been to see are:-

Indecent Obsession (*gag* – I was very young okay!)
Depeche Mode (were good but not as great as I expected 😦 )
Iron Maiden (they are such great down to earth guys)
Just Jinger (many times – love them)
Henry Ate (amazing band)
Counting Crows (a very emotional poetic concert – epic!)
Sting (I SO regret being horribly wasted at this concert 😦 )
Battery 9 (Awesome!)
Mean Mr Mustard (was a poor attendance so I felt embarassed to dance my mad-ass way)
Lenny Kravitz (he was a bit disappointing)
The Cult (the most awesome rockers out)
Goo Goo Dolls (wow… just wow… they are so amazing)
Springbok Nude Girls (ah they’re awesome)
Freshly Ground (the sound wasn’t so great)
Robbie Williams (geez… an entertainer of note! He blew me away!)

I’ve seen a ton of DJ’s… some of which are:-

Small Paul (Tilt – Sherbet Dip)
Funkstar Deluxe (Skyybar)
Tim Deluxe (Harbour)
DJ Sammy (330)
Faithless (ICC Durban)
Ann Savage (330)
Surge (Tiger Tiger)

There have been more but the memory ain’t that great so I’ll add them as I remember. I’m getting old now. :-p


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