A letter to an awesome super hero

A letter to an awesome super hero

Dear Batman,

My handsome, muscled Dark Knight! So many conversations, so much shared… I just shine the Batman sign to the night sky and you’re there.

Who could resist Batman? Definately not me. Swooning and drooling … that became the order of the day!

However, because you’re so far away in Gotham City, it makes things difficult for us. We discussed it at length and decided that star-crossed lovers wouldn’t work.

I need to say though that I miss your dark cape swishing through the night and the thought of those lips that would never kiss mine… and I’m sad. 😥

But I’m a strong gal and Batman has to do his Bat Things! And I have to do my … strong gal things.

I’m getting this out there so that you know exactly how I feel. However, I can’t extinguish that little flame of hope. It will be there for a long time still. Just look for it in my window.

Signed with love
Pepper Potts
(I know she’s from Iron Man, but I just love her name and her character)


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