In just under a month’s time

In just under a month’s time

My big boy, Matthew, will turn 7 years old. He is SO excited and of course so am I. 😀

Matthew won’t be having a birthday party this year due to financial constraints, but he has given me a wishlist of what he’d like to receive as a gifts/s. The list goes as follows:-

1. Star Wars Lego (Mommy likes this idea too)
2. A new Beyblade (He already has Dark Bull)
3. A Scooter (the push/ride-on one – nice to get a bit of outside play, and a bike is too expensive)
4. A dvd (he loves movies)
5. A PS2 game (any kids one)
6. A cricket set (I’m trying to teach them how to play cricket)
7. Gogo’s (The latest craze, I even love them)
8. Disney Beado’s – Either Toy Story or Cars (This looks super cute, I also wanna play!)
9. Ben 10 Quickfire game (I think the boys would enjoy this)
10. Bakugan Bakusketcher (hmmm… Joshie would love this more I’m sure, he’s always playing with Matt’s old one that doesn’t work so well anymore)

I’m listing this all here for when Mathew is older, then he can see what he was into when he turned 7 years old. 🙂

So, I obviously can’t get it all, perhaps one or two, depending on the pricing. But watch this space to see what he gets and for birthday photies.

I’ve decided that I’ll take the boys to the beach for Matthew’s birthday, with a picnic. I’ll bake a cake for him too… still deciding on a Gogo’s cake or How To Train Your Dragon cake. I love my boys’ birthdays! I’ll always be a kid at heart, that’s okay with me. 🙂


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