I remembered something this morning as I was chatting to a friend on FB. I was telling him about how last night I had both Matt and Josh in my bed with me and we were talking and singing songs. It was so lovely to snuggle up with them and talk about silly things or serious things… watch them yawn and smile with closed eyes… tell me they loved me… ask me for a hug, then drift off to sleep. Gosh they’re angelic when they sleep, like angelic dolls. I couldn’t think of anything more perfect.

Then I remembered how, as a little girl, I would snuggle up to my mom at bed time in her bed. She’d be reading a book and I’d be lying next to her day-dreaming about this and that… and my favourite thing would be to ask her to tell me about her wedding day – the day she and my dad got married. She’d sigh and tell me about it and answer my questions. I remember her not entirely enjoying the conversation, but I’d lie there all starry-eyed picturing it all in my head and wondering what my wedding day would be like.

My mom was also a single mom, for many years. My mom and dad divorced when I was around 3 years old. My older brother and I lived with my mom and my mom remarried when I was a teenager. Thinking back, I suppose it hurt my mom to talk about her wedding day, but she always gave in and let me bombard her with questions about it. I’ve never thought to ask her if it was just bad memories… or perhaps she was just tired of me asking about the same old thing all the time.

So I’m wondering if the boys will ever ask me about my wedding day. I have photos at home and they love looking at them. So I guess they probably won’t, seeing that it’s usually a little girl who dreams about her wedding day.

Me on my wedding day in 2003
If I think back, I remember being so in love on my wedding day and so incredibly excited. I also remember all the stress that came with it. Like for instance, the DJ who go lost along the way, and then when he did arrive there his equipment didn’t work. And I did spend a lot of the time feeling incredibly nauseas, only to find out on honeymoon that I was pregnant with Matthew. ❤ So all in all an eventful occasion I'd say!

I've said lately that I'd never marry again. But we truly don't know what the future holds do we?

With that said, I hope that these nights or even days of snuggling up in bed with my 2 little guys never ends… and that we'll always be comfortable enough to discuss our dreams and goals with each other, or even sing silly little songs.


2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. This brought back memories…alll snugled up in bed with my mum..question after question…I am happy to say this is a pattern I have continued with my own children..nice post ..thank you..Eliza Keating

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