A big day for us tomorrow

A big day for us tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m taking my littlest son, Joshua, into hospital to have grommets inserted into his ears and to have his adenoids removed at the same time. Okay, Joshua is 5yo in October and he’s a big built boy, but he was such a little baby and he’s my youngest so of course he’ll always stay small and squishy in my eyes.

The reason Joshua is having grommets inserted is because he has severe recurring ear infections that hurt him a lot. Fluid keeps building up in his middle ear and not draining out so inserting a grommet in each ear will drain out this fluid. Removing his adenoids are also going to help.

We discovered this year that Joshua’s speech problems are due to the above. So after he’s had his grommets inserted, we can start him on speech therapy, because he doesn’t pronounce all his words and letters properly. E.G. He can’t say “sit”, he says “shit”. lol shame… I keep thinking he’s swearing. Or we’ll be out and he’ll say “Mommy I want to sit”… and I’m hearing “Mommy I want to shit”. Erm yeah… big huge difference.

I hear this op is going to make the world of difference to Joshua, and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, improving his quality of life.

So, although this is a routine op at the hospitals and many many children have undergone these procedures, please think of my littlest Joshua and me tomorrow at hospital. It’s the first time he’s going under general anaesthesia (sp) and I’ll have to hold him while they do this. So any prayers and positive thoughts that you have spare, please send some our way. Thanking you. ❤


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