Walk this road with me

Walk this road with me

I look ahead and I see this pitch dark road ahead. Just a few glowing lights here and there. I need to get to the end safely and I need to stop crying. There’s nothing wonderful and fantastic at the end, just chaos and conflict and heartache. Things that have become entrenched as part of my life. I never asked for this.

Why am I crying? Because I’m scared and alone and how did my life come to such a hopeless mess? I feel as if I’m thrown into this mess and left there trying to make something of nothing. A bit of help wouldn’t hurt. 😦

So I think, I need support… who is there for me to stand by my side and give me some strength to do this? Let me get hold of a few friends… dang… all busy with their lives.

Will someone please walk next to me… just be here for me…. I’m so scared of lonely.


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