I am a hunter

I am a hunter

As you know, I was retrenched a month ago. Since then, since the very day after I was retrenched, I’ve been job-hunting.

I have job-hunted my butt off. Not a day goes by that I don’t send off at least TWO curriculum vitaes in application for jobs. Some days, and I kid you not, I’ve sent off over ten! During the week, the routine is:

Wake up
Wake boys up (although they’re usually awake by now)
Make boys breakfast
Make Matt’s lunch for school
Guzzle coffee
Get Matt ready for school
Walk Matt to school
Come home, open laptop, the hunt is on
I hunt sites high and low, name it? I’ve been there (well name it anyway and I’ll check it out)
I get the newspaper delivered 7 days a week so I scour through that too
I check local newspapers and the bulletin boards at shopping malls and the library

I honestly have never job-hunted this hard in my LIFE and believe me I’ve done a lot of job-hunting before. I get a job interview here and there, not much. There are jobs out there, but hundreds of people applying for the same job. So to get an interview is a big thing.

I’m determined. I HAVE to find a job, and soon! I have two amazing little boys who depend on me and I can’t let them down. They’re already talking Christmas gifts.

The hunt continues…