Brothers are Blessings

Brothers are Blessings

I have 2 brothers, one older and one younger, and through the years we’ve always stayed close, no matter the actual distance separating us.

Having 2 sons, I have deep hopes for them to also be as close to each other as I am to my siblings. I know I can talk to my brothers about anything at any time and they’re there for me, ready to lend an ear, give me some advice, swear someone for me or tell me they want to beat the offending ex-boyfriend up. One thing about being a woman with brothers, you always have your own bouncers at hand. 😀

Last night we camped in the lounge of our flat, me on the single bed and the 2 boys on the mattress on the floor. During the night Matthew of course climbed up and joined me, snuggling up next to me. I absolutely love it. But this morning when he woke up, it was his little brother, Joshua, who he wanted to be with, and mom was forgotten.

Matthew snuggled up next to Joshua, put his arm over his sleeping little brother and whispered “I love you’s” to him. My heart bulged through my chest and I had this huge grin across my face. This was just one of the many moments that my sons give me daily where my heart just swells with love and pride.

In the same breath, the one who is awake first won’t rest and stop making a noise until he has woken his sleeping sibling up. Something that I keep working on and I have a feeling will be working on for a long time to come still.

We may not have much materially or go to lavish places and shop a lot, but wow, we sure have a huge abundance of love in our little family. I’m so incredibly proud of my boys and I couldn’t have asked for God to bless me more than he did when he brought Matthew and Joshua into my life. ❤

A sad day. :(

A sad day. :(

It’s been a while since I have blogged, I guess I’ve hit a bloggers’ block, if such a thing exists.

I’m feeling very alone today. Very alone in this big big world full of people. I feel insignificant.

I think some of this feeling stems from the senseless murder yesterday of someone I knew, albeit for a brief amount of time. But in that brief amount of time, she touched my heart and we had an understanding of similar experiences that we’d been through.

So I’m not quite sure where all this is coming from exactly. I just need to say that I feel very lonely.

I know I’m not insignificant to Matthew and Joshua, my beautiful sons. They love and need me and I want to be here forever to help and guide them through life. All children need their mommies. And today a certain little 3 year old girl is an orphan. I’m very very sad today.

Rest in peace Catherine. My prayers go out to little Bella. My heart breaks for them both.