A couple of Fuck-It’s and a bunch of Yeehaa’s!!

A couple of Fuck-It’s and a bunch of Yeehaa’s!!

Yeah so… I ain’t perfect. Wow, imagine that?! So fuck it then… all my imperfections can go straight to my Fuck-It List.

Imperfections and Fuck-It’s listed as follows, randomly and in no particular order of importance:-

I am overweight – I constantly try dieting. I love food. I’ve always been bigger than other girls. Gah.
I am an almost divorcee – as of 17 November 2011 I shall be a divorced single mom of 2.
I am not rich – in fact I just make it by most months.
I don’t have my driver’s license – Something I’ll always wish to have.
I catch the bus to and from work – It’s actually not bad.
I live in a granny flat and don’t have much privacy – refer to the “am not rich part”.
I don’t have much in material forms – I’d love me a flat screen, a lounge suite and a new double bed.
I have sleep apnea – I am supposed to sleep with a CPAP machine and mask however it’s broken.
I am not on a medical aid – Refer to “am not rich” and “broken CPAP machine”.
I have depression – I take Serdep for it, hopefully not forever. I’m working on this.
My ankles become cankles in the summer as they swell so much. Argh I hate this.
Emotionally I’m slightly damaged – long story. But it’s finished and gone and I’m working on this too.

My Yeehaa List:-

I have 2 absolutely beautiful and perfect sons.
I have a job and am a PA, something I enjoy doing.
I have a roof over my head, clothes on my body and food in my cupboard.
My sons love me to bits and I’m very honoured to be their mom.
I have 2 loving protective brothers.
I have a caring mom I can talk to about anything at any time, even though she lives far away.
I have friends who give me hugs and lend an ear.
I have a few little luxuries that I’ve been fortunate enough to win or been given as gifts.
I live near the beach, which is a natural therapy.
I have my health, for the most part, and am able to play with my children.
Emotionally I’m fighting for my confidence and self-esteem, I’m determined to grow stronger with each passing day. I WILL stand up and be counted!

Okay, that’s that for now. Move along now folks, nothing else to see… 😉


2 thoughts on “A couple of Fuck-It’s and a bunch of Yeehaa’s!!

    1. Hi Andre, and thank you very much. I figure out people who know me should know everything about me. Well as much as I can tell them. This is me. 🙂

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