Have a Unhappy Valentine’s Day! It’s on me!

Have a Unhappy Valentine’s Day! It’s on me!

Shops are armed with red and white hearts fanfare and …. STUFF (I really wanted to say SHIT) … all over! Florists, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, tea-rooms and even shoe shops are cashing in on the hype of Valentine’s Day.

And on this here my blog… I’ll be the scrooge of Valentine’s Day. I absolutely LOATHE this day. I hate it SO much. 😦

As a little girl growing up I anticipated receiving cards and fluffy bears holding red hearts delivered into my post box. I used to look a few times a day in the post box on the 14th of February each and every year and there was never anything in there for me. Growing up as a teen this just carried on. Glory I never learnt did I? As a working woman I would envy the other ladies in the office who would get bouquets of flowers delivered to them at work. I would smile and ooh and aah and be so incredibly envious of them. I never let it show of course, but it hurt not to ever receive something like that.

So now, at the age of 34 (going on 24) I have decided that enough is enough. Fuck this Valentine’s shit! I will never get a bouquet delivered to my work on Valentine’s Day. Nor will I get a cute card or a fluffy bear. I won’t be taken out to dinner and given a cheesy red rose either. Why? Because this never happens to me. I have never been surprised or spoilt on Valentine’s Day before.

Just a note, before you say “every day should be the day of love, not just Valentine’s Day”… I don’t get spoilt on those days either. So just clam it!

Disclaimer: No I am not PMSing. I am just gatvol with this Valentine’s hype and being single and lonely during this period really makes me feel yucky and sad and yes, you get the picture.