Throwing good after bad

Throwing good after bad

I’m doing this. Throwing my good time, good feelings and good thoughts after people and/or things that are not good for me… all the bad ones.

I miss the good times that I spent with people who weren’t good for me. In reality, the good times were few and far between… the bad times were what dominated. But when you look back and you miss someone, you always seem to miss the good stuff. Why is that? When in a bad, abusive relationship, there isn’t all that much good stuff to miss.

I have come a long way and learnt so much. I deal so much better with bad relationships and bad people or bad situations now. It still hurts sometimes, I am after all only human.

So now, when I think about someone in my past who I miss, who was not good for me… I stop myself and rather throw my good happy thoughts after what’s good in my life. Looking at the positive, and the people who care about me and who want to be in my life, for me.

I can’t continue to let the negative suck me down, I’m rising up on the positive and letting it carry me through. My beautiful boys and I deserve happiness just as much as anyone else. We’re good people, wanting to live a good happy life.


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