Stepping into the world of ADD

Stepping into the world of ADD

With Joshua’s Principal recommending OT and more speech therapy… and Josh not having good upper body muscle strength I decided to go to my GP as he’s studied paediatrics on the side and is so good with my kids. I told him this is the story with school and his report, I can’t afford speech therapy and OT and Joshua is showing signs of ADHD/ADD… so what advice can he give me.

He checked Josh out and watched him, and listened to all the things I described about Joshua’s behaviour. He said that we could safely say that Joshua is attention deficit and that medication would help him as well as OT and more speech therapy. I told him that I’ll start on the natural medication for ADD and he listened to me… then said that in his experience, he doesn’t recommend the natural route, and he thinks that Joshua will benefit from Ritalin. He said that there’s been so many more studies and tests on Ritalin.

My GP then showed us pictures of the brain and the chemicals that get excreted in certain ways and how Joshua’s is probably working. That was very interesting.

So I told him that it’s holidays now and I’m not going to put him on it now. I’ll try it one weekend where I can see how he is. Then take it from there. I did tell him that I’m apprehensive, but I do want what’s best for Josh.

My GP could see how worried I was and he said well done for bringing Josh in now and trying to get help now. Since seeing Josh in this light has given me more patience with him. I understand now that he’s battling with certain things and that I have to approach things a bit differently now.. find a way that’ll work for us.

So not having money to do speech therapy and OT is a problem. There is however a remedial school, Kenmont, near where I live and I know people who’s kids go there. The classes are smaller and they have OT and speech therapy built into their day to day class routine.

I’m not sure if this is the route to go, I’m going to speak to the principal and teacher when the new term starts at school. I’m not sure what to do, just want what’s best for Josh for now and in the future.

It’s a new journey for us and one that I’ll try get as much information on as possible.


2 thoughts on “Stepping into the world of ADD

  1. Hi Karin,

    Mmh,your situation sounds very similar to mine.I have a five year old boy (Siyanda) who is ADHD.He is struggling with speech and writing.I thought he would catch up as he grows older, but that is not the case.

    I am also thinking of enrolling him at a remedial school, because that way he can also access speech and occupational therapists (I also lack funds to take him to both).So I’ve done some research on these schools…sounds like he can benefit from them.And if he does improve,he can always go back to mainstream schools.

    Hope you find what’s best for little Josh!


  2. My daughter Kathleen was on Ritalin and went to School of Achievement until grade 7 when she mainstreamed repeating grade 7. Last year she got distinctions in 13 out of 20 modules in the first year of her nursing degree. There is a lot more to her life but at least I can say there is hope for Joshua.

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