Some Joshua-isms

Some Joshua-isms

My little Aspie son fills my life with many different things, laughter and amazement being just two things he makes me feel on a daily basis. Joshua will come up with the most random, cutest, unique sayings or ways of seeing things. I just love seeing the world through his eyes. Sometimes I wish I could know what was going on in his thoughts but I guess I never will.

Like for example when my fiance (yes that’s another post entirely!) turned off the bathroom light while Joshua was still in there… Josh exclaims “Help! My eyes are off!”.

Or when we’re walking to school one morning and I ask Joshua to pull up his socks, he pulls up his shorts. I ask again for him to pull up his socks, he again pulls up his shorts. This goes on for about 3 more times. Eventually I have to stop him and show him his pants. He says “Oh!” and pulls up his socks… takes a few steps forwards, then tells me that he’s given himself a wedgie by pulling his pants up too high.

When I need his help around the house, I have to say “Oink” loudly, then he’ll come running. He’s in love with Bad Piggies (from the Angry Birds bunch) and he even has an Oink language now.

Josh has an extremely fixated interest in Ariel Washing Powder. He’ll tell you all about. He has memorised the tv adverts and when we bought a bag of it he was like a kid on Christmas morning. He insisted on carrying the bag all the way home, stroked it in the car and then bugged me relentlessly when we got home to do one load of washing with it.

And the time when he started taking Straterra for the first time, he insisted on reading the package insert… I discreetly had to hide it somewhere.

In the mornings when he wakes up, he has the most wonderful stories to tell me and mostly it’s because he’s “nocturnal” and is busy with other stuff all night long.


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